I headed out last night in hopes of a repeat of the previous night’s spectacular sunset (which I wasn’t able to photograph) and decided to try out two new spots from which I had yet to capture any images over these past six years.

I started off at Wyman Cove and then headed off to Overlook Road.  I had planned to end up along the road at the water’s edge of Waterside Cemetery but misjudged and ended up on Overlook Road.  There I found a beautiful pier belonging to the OPCL (Ocean Park Civic League) and asked some of the association members gathered to watch the sunset if I could stay and capture a few images.

I soon learned just how spectacular the sunset had been the night before and hoped that the gathering clouds might lead to a repeat event on this night.  I found this composition with the line of the pier leading in toward the harbor and waited for the light.  Before the sun set, a few crepuscular rays emerged and I captured this image.  This ended up being the peak of the evening show and I was very happy to have found this new (to me) spot.

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