I haven’t shared an infrared black and white image of Marblehead in some time and figured it would be a nice change of pace from the recent sunsets.

In mid-June I went out on a bike ride around town with my modified infrared camera and found perfect conditions for capturing infrared images of Marblehead.  This image comes from the start of the bike ride when I found a great tree trunk bent at a funny angle along the Rail Trail.  The beauty of infrared is found when capturing foliage and seeing the leaves take center stage with brilliant whites.  The path, trunks and sky provide nice dark contrast and set the scene.  Even the overhead electrical wires don’t seem to distract as much in this view of infrared Marblehead.

Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. – I am having another Kickstarter pickup date Saturday from 12-7pm at 21 Shetland Road.  See you then!