Under the Shade at Waterside

On Wednesday, I headed out to capture foliage at Waterside Cemetery and found several trees nearly at peak foliage. I tried to get as many compositions as I could knowing the wind and rain predicted might bring an early end to this leaf hunting season. Here red leaves lay under the shade of one of my favorite trees in town. I'm curious how it will look this weekend...

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Bird’s Eye View – Fall in Marblehead

On October 23rd, I had flown my drone from the parking lot of the Masonic Temple and was disappointed to find very few trees had changed colors. I made it a point to return and, on November 10th, after capturing a great scene at Ware Lane, I did just that. I flew the drone just as I had before and was very happy with the foliage and the angle of the sun reflecting off the leaves. The few clouds over Chandler Hovey Park were a nice bonus. I returned home happy to view the images only to find that the [...]

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Epiphany Tree Burning – Tonight at Riverhead Beach

The annual Epiphany tree burning takes place tonight (Monday, January 6) at 6:30pm at Riverhead Beach. The town has been collecting Christmas trees for the past two weeks and piling them at Riverhead for this annual bonfire tradition. Watching trees burn raises a number of environmental concerns but, interestingly, the bonfire is far preferable to placing them in a landfill and is pretty much net carbon neutral according to The Carbon Trust: For a 2 metre tall real Christmas tree, with no roots, the carbon footprint is 16kg CO2e if it ends up in landfill. This is because the tree [...]

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Epiphany Bonfire at Riverhead Beach

Last night, the annual Epiphany tree burning took place with collected Christmas trees arranged in a pile at Riverhead Beach and set aflame with flares to create a massive Epiphany bonfire. I brought my kids with me and we separated while they watched and I searched for new vantage points to shoot the huge flames and gathered crowd. I tried walking over to the causeway but the 20 mph winds were throwing smoke and embers in that direction so I had to come up with a plan B. I shot a few frames as well as a short video from [...]

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Ware in the World

Once more to Ware Lane and peak foliage along this tiny dirt road in Marblehead. I mentioned in Monday's post that I had happened upon this scene while walking the dog with my wife and returned with camera gear in tow to capture its beauty. I shot with a 200mm lens at first to focus on the tree and pond but then switched to a 16mm lens for a wider vertical view and one of those sun stars. When I shared the first image, I was struck by all the comments of those who grew up in this section of [...]

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The Road Curves

As small as Marblehead is, it still amazes me when I notice small scenes that seem like they belong somewhere else rather than in this New England town. This black and white image of the canopy of snow covered trees was captured on the same day as yesterday's shot of Old Town House. I had driven up towards Beacon Street after exploring downtown Marblehead and parked my car facing this section where the road curves and climbs a small hill under a canopy of trees. The scene would be as likely in Vermont or Colorado as steps away from Grace [...]

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Fresh Snow on Pond View

Fresh snow in December is a magical thing...snow in March is nature's cruelest joke. With some forecasts of over a foot of snow due to arrive in Marblehead on Tuesday, March 13th, I struggled with an image to share today. This one of the red house named Pond View blanketed in white with the snow perfectly accentuating the branches on the trees was an instant favorite when I captured it just after dawn on December 10th. From the perfect snow to the partly frozen pond, the image had all of the elements I could hope for. Hopefully you find its [...]

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Perfect Morning at Redds Pond

As I went to bed on Saturday night, I looked out the window and noted the freshly fallen snow was sticking firmly to the tree branches with very little wind that might ruin the effect by morning.  With that in mind, I set an alarm hoping for a few snow-filled scenes to shoot on what promised to be a perfect morning. I was out of the house by 6:30am and headed straight to Little Harbor to see what the Peach's boat looked like with some snow atop the small Christmas tree. The view did not disappoint and I shot a [...]

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Spotting Foliage on the Neck

I mentioned yesterday that I had gone out for a second time on Sunday in the hopes of spotting foliage from above and flew my drone from Riverhead Beach.  I spotted a tree sporting bright orange leaves almost immediately and headed across to Marblehead Neck for a closer look. I explored the tree you can see near the water between piers from various angles and heights.  This one was taken at nearly 400 feet above the ground and offered a view of the full depth of the Neck with some foliage apparent near the bird sanctuary.  I made sure to [...]

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Budding Trees under Purple Skies

After capturing the image shared earlier this week at Crocker Park, I headed up the path and toward my car.  As I looked over my shoulder, I found this scene before me and decided I needed to capture at least one more image of the purple skies over Marblehead Harbor. I composed this image to include the budding trees which line the path leading towards the harbor.  Can't wait for the float to be installed for the Summer at the end of this path.  Seems like only a few more weeks before Crocker park is filled with people and dogs [...]

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