rail trail

Bridge over the Trail – Infrared Black and White

In 2014, I had my older Canon camera modified to allow me to capture images in infrared. On June 15, 2014, I decided to bike the rail trail looking for images to capture as the infrared filter makes foliage a bright white and turns blue skies nearly black. I stopped at this fork in the road with the uphill path to the left leading up to Village street and the bridge beyond showing that road.

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Under the Bridge

Another converted infrared image from a bike ride around town on June 15, 2014.  This image was taken 30 minutes before the one at Redd's Pond as I made my way along the rail trail towards downtown. I've shot from under this bridge previously but, this time, was interested in the effect that infrared would have in highlighting the foliage along the trail and some of the graffiti below the bridge. Can't wait for the weather to warm up and all the snow to melt so that I can head out on my bike again.

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Infrared Marblehead – Along the Rail Trail

I haven't shared an infrared black and white image of Marblehead in some time and figured it would be a nice change of pace from the recent sunsets. In mid-June I went out on a bike ride around town with my modified infrared camera and found perfect conditions for capturing infrared images of Marblehead.  This image comes from the start of the bike ride when I found a great tree trunk bent at a funny angle along the Rail Trail.  The beauty of infrared is found when capturing foliage and seeing the leaves take center stage with brilliant whites.  The [...]

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Fall Colors come to the Path

A rare Saturday post brought about in large part to the great conditions I found when shooting on October 17th.  I had planned one shot for that day but had scouted out a number of other possible spots and found great colors at each point.  The early morning light helped a great deal as did the circular polarizer which allowed me to cut down on light reflecting off the leaves and bring more vibrancy to the images. This was taken across from the post office along The Path.  The toughest decision was whether to isolate the tree from the graffiti [...]

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Remembering Allie

On August 24, 2009, a tragic accident took the life of then-15 year old Allie Castner.  It was in October 2011, while biking along the rail trail that I happened upon this piece of graffiti under a bridge.  I was struck by the size of the work as well as the vibrant colors amidst the darker surroundings.  As a testament to the impact that Allie had on others, no one has altered this work to date.  While some would argue that graffiti is illegal and defaces public property, I found this to be a very touching memorial to Allie that [...]

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Trees Rise from a Colorful Swamp

It took a while to happen but the leaves have finally started to show their Fall colors.  I rode along the rail trail on October 18th and stopped at a small opening through which I noted this small swamp.  The bare trunks rising from it contrasted nicely against the changing colors in the background.  I waited for a break in the clouds to bring out the colors and captured this image. Technical: Shot at f/2.8 to make the foreground trunk stand out and blur the background.  Used a circular polarizer to bring out the reflection in the water and help [...]

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