Yesterday morning’s sea smoke was responsible for one of the most frenetic and harried photo shoots I have ever had.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had crossed the causeway a little after 6:30 and noted sea smoke coming off the Atlantic ocean as well as within Marblehead Harbor.

Over the next hour, I shot at Castle Rock (twice), Corinthian Lane (once) and Foster Street (twice).  Each outing lasted 10 minutes and was followed by a mad dash to the next location.  With temperatures of -4F and wind chills of easily -20F, I could not stand more than 10 minutes in the arctic cold and I didn’t want to miss a single chance to shoot the beauty of the sea smoke.

After shooting Abbot Hall and the purple glow of dawn with sea smoke coming off Marblehead Harbor (image below if you missed it), I hurried back to Castle Rock hoping to catch the sunrise and the backlighting that helps illuminate sea smoke.  I made it just in time and moved into position as the sun nearly crested the giant rock that gives the area its name.  As the sun peeked out, I adjusted the aperture to be able to capture a sun star and sea smoke at Castle Rock.

seas smoke fills Marblehead Harbor with Abbot Hall in the distance