It had been over three months since my last sunrise shoot when I decided to set the alarm clock for an early wake up on Wednesday, May 25th.  The forecast when I made the decision the night before was for partially cloudy skies and the tide looked perfect.  I really should have paid more attention to the predicted humidity since I found myself surrounded by thick fog as soon as I reached my destination at the Dolphin Yacht Club.

Rather than turn around, I looked for opportunities to shoot in the less than ideal conditions.  I started off aiming toward the lighthouse but then forced myself to look for different vantage points.  As I scouted the harbor, I noted the Dolphin’s launch moored in the fog with several other boats surrounding it.  The fog could be clearly seen across the water over Marblehead Neck obscuring the tops of the trees.  I decided to focus on the launch and use a wide open aperture to leave the background slightly blurred as well as disappearing into the murky grayness of fog.