Dolphin yacht club

The Dolphin

We have been social members at the Dolphin Yacht Club for a few years and they have used some of my images from their pier on the website. I hadn't been able to capture a good image of the harbor facing facade until we went out for a dinghy ride on a hot June afternoon. As we passed the DYC, I quickly composed this scene to capture boats in the harbor, activity around the kayaks and stand up paddleboards, a waterfront team member waiting to take someone on a launch ride and a fairly busy outdoor seating area all backlit [...]

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Sunset Colors at the Dolphin Yacht Club

On Friday evening, we decided to go to the Dolphin Yacht Club for dinner before going to the high school for the first football game of the season. I had brought my camera bag with me in large part to take photos of my kids near the water before the game and was glad I had done so when a break in the clouds allowed the sun to wash Marblehead Harbor in beautiful sunset colors. The light almost perfectly covered the rows upon rows of boats moored in the harbor and I was able to pull up the shadows in [...]

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Marblehead Fireworks and Harbor Illumination

As soon as last night's spectacular fireworks show over Marblehead harbor ended, I rushed home and eagerly looked through images trying to find the biggest and best timed explosion of color.  I was thrilled to find a twin explosion with a leading tail and focused on that image to share with all of you.  The image clearly resonated with many current and former 'Headers as it was well received by those on my various social media pages. It was only today after finishing a day of work that I was able to look more carefully at the images I captured last [...]

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Moored in the Fog

It had been over three months since my last sunrise shoot when I decided to set the alarm clock for an early wake up on Wednesday, May 25th.  The forecast when I made the decision the night before was for partially cloudy skies and the tide looked perfect.  I really should have paid more attention to the predicted humidity since I found myself surrounded by thick fog as soon as I reached my destination at the Dolphin Yacht Club. Rather than turn around, I looked for opportunities to shoot in the less than ideal conditions.  I started off aiming toward [...]

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Colorful Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

In June 2013, I had set a goal to photograph five of the Marblehead yacht clubs firing their sunset cannons.  One of the final images was of the cannon at the Dolphin Yacht Club and, on that night, I was fortunate to capture the cannon firing under a subtle rainbow in the evening sky. A few minutes after taking that image, I composed this one to include the kayaks in the dock adding color to the pink sunset over Marblehead Harbor. Here is the image of the sunset cannon firing at the Dolphin Yacht Club:

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Firing the Cannon Under a Rainbow – Dolphin Yacht Club

Five yacht clubs in five weeks and it ends with a bang!  For those who might have missed the start of this project, it all began on May 20th when I found myself facing a lackluster sunset and decided to shoot the first of the yacht clubs firing the cannon at sunset.  It was supposed to finish on Tuesday night at the Dolphin Yacht Club.  I had called ahead a week prior and spoken to a wonderfully friendly South African gentleman who ran the launch.  He invited me down to shoot the cannon and the stars seemed to align well [...]

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