As soon as last night’s spectacular fireworks show over Marblehead harbor ended, I rushed home and eagerly looked through images trying to find the biggest and best timed explosion of color.  I was thrilled to find a twin explosion with a leading tail and focused on that image to share with all of you.  The image clearly resonated with many current and former ‘Headers as it was well received by those on my various social media pages.

It was only today after finishing a day of work that I was able to look more carefully at the images I captured last night and I stopped as soon as I found this one.  I remembered the moment I clicked the shutter capturing this image of the Marblehead fireworks and harbor illumination but for some reason the smaller explosions led me to pass it over last night.  As I took my time exploring the image, I couldn’t help but marvel at the perfect color balance of blue sky and red flares with the same colors represented in the volley of fireworks.

The red light of one rocket was so intense that it painted the water of Marblehead harbor all the way to the ramp at the Dolphin Yacht Club where I was set up to capture the evening’s show.  In the past 8 years of watching these shows, I’m realizing my favorite part of the Marblehead fireworks and harbor illumination are the red flares which encircle the harbor.  I was thrilled to be able to capture this view of the best of both.

I am curious to see what people think of this image in comparison to last night’s closer view of the fireworks exploding over boats in the harbor and with Marblehead Light more prominent in the frame.  Let me know which you prefer…