Yesterday’s image of two Townies under the red light of a foggy sunset was one of the last images I captured on Tuesday night as fog rolled into Marblehead harbor.  This was one of the first.

I had left my house as soon as I saw fog rolling in as I knew the timing offered a chance for spectacular light conditions around the harbor.  I drove across the causeway in thickening fog and parked as soon as I could on Marblehead Neck only to double back and set up for this shot.

With flags hanging from the lamp posts and fog enveloping both sides of the causeway, I knew I had a good set up for a shot.  I waited until cars passed by and then noted two cyclists.  One paused to admire the scene and grabbed his smartphone to capture the fog.  As he did, I clicked the shutter and captured my own image including people interacting with the incredible light of a foggy evening in Marblehead.