A few years ago, the concept of fine art photography took hold with grand long exposure black and white images or incredibly atmospheric views of far off places.  Try as I might, I hadn’t been able to realize my version of this genre until July 5th when the perfect amount of fog rolled into Marblehead harbor only to be backlit by the setting sun.

As the fog thickened and thinned out and its color changed with the position of the sun, I composed images within Marblehead harbor while keeping my eye on a group of Townies heading out.  Five Town class sailboats could be seen across the harbor as I reached Chandler Hovey Park and I shot a few frames of them enveloped in fog.  As they raced toward the MH1 marker in our harbor, the fog thinned just enough and the light took on a golden hue creating this perfect moment.

As soon as I clicked the shutter, I knew I had realized my version of fine art photography of Marblehead.  The work at home on this image was minimal but, with full artistic license, I removed the buoys marking lobster traps in the water.

Look for more images from this incredible foggy evening in Marblehead all week.