Two weeks ago, I decided to take a hiatus from Wednesdays in Marblehead to allow me time to explore this town and bring back that sense of adventure and awe that used to come with each outing.  I had found that I was going to the same spots over and over and getting decent images but few that brought back that feeling of wonder and excitement.  For those two weeks, the camera remained tucked away (except for that incredible rainbow and lightning at sunset outing and a commissioned shoot of a house).

Yesterday, as cumulous clouds finally crossed over Marblehead, I ventured out to capture new images of our town.  As I drove down Pleasant, I made the conscious decision to turn left at Gatchell’s rather than heading toward the harbor.  I walked down to Rockett Landing and took in the view of a very busy boating day on Salem Harbor.  From there, I made my way down Beacon Street and around to Redd’s Pond at which point the clouds were in perfect position.

The water on the pond was perfectly still and I took advantage of the mirror-like reflection to compose this wide view of Redd’s Pond with the iconic red house along its far shore.  The combination of beautiful clouds reflecting in the still waters added up to a picture perfect view of a Summer day in Marblehead.