Sunset Skate – brief break from hiatus

This might be the longest stretch that I have gone without taking a photo of Marblehead in almost ten years. I had influenza for the first time in my life and finally appreciated just how awful that virus can be. We all receive the vaccine annually and, while it is nowhere near 100% effective, my wife and daughter did not get the flu so that was a small win.  It took longer than expected to recover from that illness and I had absolutely no interest in venturing out during the recent arctic blast so I was content with letting the [...]

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Pond Skating in Marblehead

Today's image comes from my 'to-be-posted' archives from January 11, 2015. Many of my favorite images of Redd's come from the month of January when the ice is typically perfect for skating and snow has not yet fallen to affect the surface. I had gone to Redd's on this afternoon to check on conditions and was delighter to find the ice bustling with activity. There were kids and adults skating across the small pond and a pickup hockey game was taking place as well. I decided to set up near the hockey goal and used a slow shutter speed to [...]

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Foggy Morning at Redd’s Pond

This Wednesday in Marblehead began with thick fog and I decided to explore a few favorite locations after dropping the kids at school. My first stop was Redd's Pond where the thick fog added a sense of isolation and calm - as though this little red house existed independently of neighbors. Standing across the water and composing this image on a foggy morning at Redd's Pond made for a nice start to the day.

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First Freeze at Redd’s Pond

I went out last night with camera and drone in hand hoping for good light at sunset to capture aerial views of Marblehead.  I decided to try my luck at Redd's Pond and was disappointed with the light but happy to find the first freeze of the season had created a perfect layer of ice above the water.  While the ice wasn't thick enough to stand on, it did serve as a beautifully reflective surface and, as luck would have it, a Christmas tree was glowing in the window of one of the red houses across the pond. With the [...]

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Quiet Reflections at Redd’s Pond

In early August, I had gone out at mid-day to explore Marblehead under perfectly cloudy skies.  I stopped at Redd's Pond at what seemed like the perfect time as the light breeze abated and allowed the water to calm - reflecting the house across the water and trees surrounding it. I had to wait for the sun to poke out through the clouds to get the lighting I wanted and, during that time, spent a while in quiet reflections at Redd's Pond.  Not a bad spot for that...

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Read the Sign at Redd’s Pond

How many of you have noticed the sign at Redd's Pond?  How many have actually read it??? I visited this iconic New England pond a few weeks ago and spent most of my time at the water's edge capturing the clouds reflecting in the still water.  As I walked towards the car, I looked back and saw this composition of the sign leading the viewer's eye towards the pond and the red house across the way. If you can't make out the sign, it provides a fair amount of interesting information.  There is a section on excessive algae growth and [...]

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Summer Days at Redd’s Pond

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a hiatus from Wednesdays in Marblehead to allow me time to explore this town and bring back that sense of adventure and awe that used to come with each outing.  I had found that I was going to the same spots over and over and getting decent images but few that brought back that feeling of wonder and excitement.  For those two weeks, the camera remained tucked away (except for that incredible rainbow and lightning at sunset outing and a commissioned shoot of a house). Yesterday, as cumulous clouds finally crossed over Marblehead, [...]

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Summer Dawn at Redd’s Pond

Today's image was taken at dawn on July 1st, 2015.  I had woken up early in order to shoot the dawn breaking over Doliber Cove and then quickly drove over to Redd's Pond when I noticed the clouds reflecting that morning light. I shared another image from this morning shortly after taking it but had created this panorama version as well.  Though the pink light of dawn was more vibrant in the single frame, there was something about capturing the full length of this pond that appealed to me.

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A Nearly Frozen Redd’s Pond

Most years, Redd's Pond is frozen during the month of January and makes for a perfect spot to lace up skates and fly across the pond with family and friends.  This year's very mild January meant that Redd's Pond never fully froze and those picturesque scenes never materialized. I drove to Redd's Pond on January 24th after a brief cold snap to check the status of the pond and found a beautiful scene before me.  The water seemed to be caught in stages of freezing but hadn't quite made it all the way to the middle.  You can see a [...]

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