Nothing Better than a Marblehead Sunset

For the past few days, I have been sharing images from our long weekend on Nantucket. While there I felt energized with new places to visit and came back feeling unsure if I would be able to find that same drive back home after 10 years of photographing this town. Well, it took less than 48 hours before Marblehead answered with a combination of picture perfect clouds, a harbor filled with boats, Abbot standing tall in the distance and a sailboat approaching its mooring.  There really is nothing better than a Marblehead sunset!

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Sunset Sky over Fort Beach

Thank goodness for good friends and last minute plans or else I would have missed the incredible sunset sky over Fort Beach that erupted last night... I had come home from work just before 6 and touched base with friends who invited me to join them at Crocker Park to take in the Festival of Arts music while eating dinner. My wife and kids are off in Chicago so I was thankful for the invite and a chance to relax outside with good company - Thanks Mabrys!!! I picked up some Howling Wolf and then headed to Crocker where I [...]

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Clouds in the Sky and Boats in the Water

In September 2013, I had spotted an impressive cloud forming overhead and raced out to the causeway from where I was able to capture the cumulonimbus cloud over a Marblehead harbor packed full with boats. It had been my goal to capture images of Marblehead outside of the golden hours of sunrise and sunset and I was pretty happy with how this image came out. I decided to get ahead of the cloud by driving up to Chandler Hovey Park and, as I arrived, the sky had taken a turn for the worse. I looked up at the darkening sky [...]

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The Harbor at Noon

Wednesday began with thick fog over town and I wrote off the day as unlikely to offer many photo opportunities between the dreary weather and lack of foliage around town. As the day progressed, the sun burned through the fog and clouds began to appear in the western sky. I had a few errands to run so I threw the camera bag in the trunk and drove off to the Neck. I circled the Neck not finding the image I wanted at Chandler Hovey Park and made it back down to Harbor Avenue just off the causeway where I spotted [...]

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Golden Dawn at Preston Beach

A couple of weeks ago, an unbelievable dawn erupted in the sky over Marblehead.  I left the house as the purple light hit its peak and made a beeline for Preston Beach hoping to catch some of the magical color in the clouds.  By the time I parked and got out of the car, the purple had disappeared but, a minute or two later, a golden color exploded overhead. I quickly composed this image to capture as much of the golden dawn as I could.  With the calm ocean and few waves, the wet sand only served to accentuate the [...]

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Reflections in the Sand at Devereux Beach

On an early September evening in 2014, I headed out to Devereux Beach to chase after some cumulous clouds that had formed shortly before sunset.  I arrived to find low tide and wet sand creating the perfect environment for these clouds to form reflections in the sand. I shot this from low to the ground to try to maximize the foreground sand and reflections while keeping the bodies of both clouds visible above Flying Point and Marblehead Neck.

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Life on the West Shore

For the first few years, my family lived in a rental on Willow Road mere steps from the Village street launch (otherwise known as Rockett Landing).  After moving to the Clifton Area, I've returned to this area less often than I would have thought given its beautiful scenery. In early August, the sky filled with a picture perfect mix of white clouds and dark blue skies.  I stopped at a number of locations on this day to capture scenes of Marblehead on a Summer day and couldn't resist walking the length of the float at the end of Village Street [...]

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Life’s a Beach in Marblehead

After capturing the reflections at Redd's Pond, I made my way toward Devereux Beach and the causeway hoping to find more interesting compositions on this hot Summer Sunday.  I parked on the Riverhead Beach side and shot a few frames looking out toward Marblehead Light and then scaled the causeway to walk along its concrete path and take in views from both sides.  I shot toward Abbot Hall until I reached the halfway mark and then turned around to explore views of the Atlantic Ocean and Devereux Beach. As I neared the beach, I took note of the packed appearance [...]

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Summer Days at Redd’s Pond

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a hiatus from Wednesdays in Marblehead to allow me time to explore this town and bring back that sense of adventure and awe that used to come with each outing.  I had found that I was going to the same spots over and over and getting decent images but few that brought back that feeling of wonder and excitement.  For those two weeks, the camera remained tucked away (except for that incredible rainbow and lightning at sunset outing and a commissioned shoot of a house). Yesterday, as cumulous clouds finally crossed over Marblehead, [...]

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Chasing Rainbows and Storm Clouds

We have had an incredibly dry Summer in Marblehead which has translated into very few opportunities for chasing rainbows.  I have only had once chance thus far when a storm cloud passed through town (conveniently on a Wednesday evening) and I ran out of the house to the nearest vantage point. I arrived at the edge of Bass Rocks Lane as the light began to fade and had only seconds to capture this view of a rainbow, storm clouds and the white haze of falling rain over the ocean and Tinkers Island.  I'm hoping for a few more chances to chase rainbows [...]

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