After capturing the reflections at Redd’s Pond, I made my way toward Devereux Beach and the causeway hoping to find more interesting compositions on this hot Summer Sunday.  I parked on the Riverhead Beach side and shot a few frames looking out toward Marblehead Light and then scaled the causeway to walk along its concrete path and take in views from both sides.  I shot toward Abbot Hall until I reached the halfway mark and then turned around to explore views of the Atlantic Ocean and Devereux Beach.

As I neared the beach, I took note of the packed appearance of beachgoers as the high tide pushed the sun worshipers further upslope.  With outdoor temperatures in the upper 80’s and water temps in the mid-60’s, it was not a surprise to see people of all ages taking a dip in the ocean.  I couldn’t help but think of the old saying Life’s a Beach when I looked upon this scene of a perfect Summer day spent basking in the sun and enjoying the water.