Glowing Sand at Devereux Beach

I mentioned in yesterday's post that my wife and I had headed down to Neck Run for ice cream on Saturday night when a nice sunset began to form. After capturing the image looking back toward the parking lot, I wandered along the water line and stopped for this shot. Low tide created a beautiful reflection on the glowing sand at Devereux Beach with the pink clouds mirrored in the water and wet sand.  The beach was fairly deserted for such a nice summer evening.

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May Day at Devereux Beach

With cloudy skies dominating the weather for much of April and May, my photography outings have been limited to a small handful. I decided to look through my 'to be posted' archive for past May shots that had not yet seen the light of day and found much of the same. Guess May really is a cloudy month... I stopped at this image captured on May 14, 2017 at Devereux Beach. On smaller devices, you might miss the three surfers in the water waiting for a few waves as the setting sun illuminated a patch of clouds overhead on this [...]

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Golden Dawn at Preston Beach

A couple of weeks ago, an unbelievable dawn erupted in the sky over Marblehead.  I left the house as the purple light hit its peak and made a beeline for Preston Beach hoping to catch some of the magical color in the clouds.  By the time I parked and got out of the car, the purple had disappeared but, a minute or two later, a golden color exploded overhead. I quickly composed this image to capture as much of the golden dawn as I could.  With the calm ocean and few waves, the wet sand only served to accentuate the [...]

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Reflections in the Sand at Devereux Beach

On an early September evening in 2014, I headed out to Devereux Beach to chase after some cumulous clouds that had formed shortly before sunset.  I arrived to find low tide and wet sand creating the perfect environment for these clouds to form reflections in the sand. I shot this from low to the ground to try to maximize the foreground sand and reflections while keeping the bodies of both clouds visible above Flying Point and Marblehead Neck.

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Life’s a Beach in Marblehead

After capturing the reflections at Redd's Pond, I made my way toward Devereux Beach and the causeway hoping to find more interesting compositions on this hot Summer Sunday.  I parked on the Riverhead Beach side and shot a few frames looking out toward Marblehead Light and then scaled the causeway to walk along its concrete path and take in views from both sides.  I shot toward Abbot Hall until I reached the halfway mark and then turned around to explore views of the Atlantic Ocean and Devereux Beach. As I neared the beach, I took note of the packed appearance [...]

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Purple Sky and Smooth Sand at Devereux Beach

On September 9, 2014, I witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets of my life.  The view was made even more amazing by my choice of Devereux Beach to serve as backdrop.  Some combination of storm and incredibly low tides had transformed what is normally a fairly rocky beach into this beautiful smooth sand version. I'll bet many longtime 'Headers would have been hard pressed to name this as Devereux Beach based on the conditions. More images of Marblehead without snow coming throughout the week.  Stay tuned...

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Golden Light on Devereux Beach

Back to Saturday night's outing with my son for this image of golden light on Devereux Beach.  This was the sight that awaited me as we pulled into the nearly empty lot at Devereux Beach on December 13.  I quickly headed down to the water's edge where I set up this composition and shot as wave after wave came to shore. At this point the sun had just dipped behind the distant houses and the clouds above took on a golden glow that reflected on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Running to Shore at Devereux Beach

Back to Tuesday, September 9th for this image to finish off the week.  I had gone out to shoot the sunset during an astronomically low tide in early September.  Before the sky exploded in color, I had spotted a few kids running in and out of the water on what was a very warm evening. I captured this frame as the boy was in mid-stride running to shore at Devereux Beach.  Felt like a good image to share as the days get shorter and colder. Enjoy the weekend!

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Waves and Mist at Preston Beach

On Saturday, September 27, Marblehead was treated to a warm up that made it feel like Summer again.  I went down to Phillips Beach in Swampscott with my wife and kids and decided to walk over to Preston Beach in Marblehead along the water as the tide began to roll out. As I looked back, I noticed the low lying mist that seemed to be coming from water evaporating from the warm sand.  The mist combined with the high tide made for an interesting scene and I bent low to capture it as a wave rolled to shore.

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Smooth Sand at Devereux Beach

The series of six images captured during an incredibly low tide in Marblehead comes to a close with this final shot.  I was in awe of the smooth sand at Devereux Beach that resulted from the astronomically low tide (-1.5 feet). After capturing the pink sky in the other direction, I turned toward the setting sun and the beautiful light that still glowed strong in the early evening.  With the rocks in the foreground, the smooth ocean water and scattered clouds reflecting the sun's last light, I couldn't ask for much more for this week's finale. I have a few [...]

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