On Monday July 18th, I had returned home from work to find that my kids had been invited out for dinner and my wife was holding down the fort.  We had a few thunderstorms pass to the north and south earlier in the day and another band was making its way but likely would break up before dropping any rain (the story of this Summer).  With no kids to take care of, I decided to run out and see if the coming storm might mean some good light at sunset.

As I drove, I checked the clouds on either side of the causeway and in my rearview mirror.  The light was building quickly as sunset approached and I decided to turn onto the public way at Parker Lane for the view you see above.  I got into position just as the clouds above were starting to drift overhead.  I quickly flipped the camera into a vertical position and shot the scene before me as a panorama with the clouds framing the sunset on Parker Lane.  The light above had just peaked when I took the last frame and the sun had dipped low enough in the horizon to not overwhelm the scene.