Parker Lane

Framed by a Tree at Parker Lane

I was working on my 2018 calendar yesterday and think I have it almost finalized.  As I went through images from the past year to use for each month, I stumbled upon this photo in my 'to be published' folder. I had gone out to a familiar spot at the end of the public way on Parker Lane in early September for what turned out to be a very nice sunset.  Rather than running to the stairs and shooting the unobstructed view, I decided to stop and compose an image framed by a tree.  The full canopy of leaves worked [...]

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Marblehead Sunset – 1 if by Land, 2 if by Air

On Saturday night, I once again chased a promising sunset across the causeway to Marblehead Neck and ended up on Parker Lane.  From there I set up my 'real' camera at the top of the stairs and also decided to fly my drone overhead as I wondered which might offer the better composition.  I ended up taking two different shots within three minutes of each other and still can't decide which view I prefer. The shot of this Marblehead Sunset by land has much better color and detail in the sky and the choice of a longer effective focal length [...]

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Sunset at Parker Lane

We were having a fairly quiet Saturday night and had little to eat in the house so orders were called in to Junji for sushi and Marblehead House of Pizza for a small pie.  As I looked at the sky starting to pick up the first colors of sunset, I quickly volunteered to pick up the food and knew just the spot to spend the 15-20 minute wait while the food was prepared. Parker Lane is the first public way on Marblehead Neck as you cross the causeway and has become a go-to spot on many evenings.  I pulled up [...]

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Framing the Sunset on Parker Lane

On Monday July 18th, I had returned home from work to find that my kids had been invited out for dinner and my wife was holding down the fort.  We had a few thunderstorms pass to the north and south earlier in the day and another band was making its way but likely would break up before dropping any rain (the story of this Summer).  With no kids to take care of, I decided to run out and see if the coming storm might mean some good light at sunset. As I drove, I checked the clouds on either side [...]

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Summer’s First Breath

My favorite aspects of Summer sunsets are their long duration and the incredible color gamut that can be seen from start to finish.  Today's image of Summer's first breath was taken 10 minutes before yesterday's wide view of deep purple colors over the harbor as seen from Parker Lane. When I arrived at this spot, I was treated to a yellow-orange sun with light radiating off the low lying clouds and bathing the harbor in orange-blue light.  The rapidly changing colors allowed me to explore many different views from this one location - each slightly different thanks to a change in hue. [...]

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The First Breath of Summer

I woke this morning at 4:30am hoping to catch a nice sunrise over Marblehead Harbor with projected warm air coming to town.  Unfortunately, the warm air meant humidity and dense fog that spoiled my best laid plans.  I returned home having only taken a few frames and crawled back into bed. As the evening arrived, I headed out with my daughter to walk our new puppy and noted pink light beginning to form overhead.  I made sure he finished his business and then made a beeline for the house and my wife who agreed to finish the walk while I [...]

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The Pier at Parker Lane

So this image was taken 6 minutes before yesterday's of a harbor filled with boats.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had gone out to Parker Lane (one of the public ways) to shoot the Summer sunset and found some dramatic light before me. Prior to shooting the peak of sunset's color, I composed this image of a private pier under beautiful clouds.

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Summer Can’t Come Soon Enough

As we're treated to warm days (interspersed with cooler and rainy ones), I can't help but look forward and keep thinking that Summer can't come soon enough.  This image was taken at sunset on August 4th, 2015 from one of the public ways in town. As Summer hits its peak, Marblehead Harbor is filled with boats and it's a wonder that they can navigate through the moorings and make it out to sea.  This particular spot allowed me to capture the boats stacked deep in the harbor with the perfect backdrop of Abbot Hall and a warm Summer sunset behind [...]

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Lost in the Fog at Parker Lane

I don't believe I have shared a black and white image in a while so I thought this shot would be a good one to end the week.  Parker Lane is one of my favorite public ways in town and I have recently shared a number of images captured from this location.  I've always walked right under this tree and on to the steps leading to the beach below but, on this day, I stopped and took in the canopy of leaves overhead. As luck would have it, a dense fog had rolled in and I decided to take advantage [...]

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Sunstar and Purple Clouds

Ten minutes - that's how much time elapsed from yesterday's image of a golden sun and this one of purple clouds.  I had been jumping in and out of my tree cover until the rain finally stopped and the sun began to sink below the horizon.  As it did so, the sky turned from a golden glow to deeper blue with beautiful purple light reflecting off the clouds. Knowing that I had a small window of opportunity for capturing a sunstar, I adjusted the composition and closed the lens aperture to its smallest.  As the sun began to disappear behind houses [...]

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