The supermoon rose at its closest path to Earth in over sixty years and I had just made it to this location in time to capture the incredibly large moon against the iconic Abbot Hall.  In the past 36 hours, I have shot the moonrise twice and the moonset once.  Each location required a good deal of planning and luck – but none more so than this one.

I started my supermoon chasing last night from near Crocker Park and managed to get a nice shot of it ascending near the lighthouse.  This morning, I woke before dawn and captured the full moon as it set against Abbot Hall.  All the while, I had this idea in mind and hoped it would come to fruition.

I happened upon this location years ago during another full moon and had figured that the supermoon would pass very near to Abbot Hall as it reached its peak tonight.  I wasn’t certain of its height once it got to this point and had no idea whether the weather would cooperate.  I was prepared just in case with my gear in the trunk of my car and made a beeline for this location as soon as I saw my last patient of the day.

When I arrived, I was thrilled to see that everything had come together perfectly.  The cloud helped diffuse the light of the too bright moon and added a nice bit of atmosphere to the final scene.  With this, I’ll say a final Goodnight Moon…