Moon Light

I knew this one was going to be tough. The biggest moon of the year (the proverbial supermoon) was due to rise 30 minutes after sunset. That's an eternity of lost light and would make for a very technically difficult shot but also made compositional options difficult. With the moon being so much brighter than anything around it, the foreground elements would end up lost short of some multi-exposure tricks. Then it dawned on me that Marblehead Light was still draped in led lights from the Independence Day holiday so I planned out my location at the edge of Fort [...]

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Top 10 of 2018 – #10 Super Blue Blood Moon setting over Marblehead (by popular demand)

I had a hard time deciding on the 10th entry in my top 10 of 2018 list and decided to put the matter up for popular vote. It only took an hour or two for a clear favorite to pull away from the others. In hindsight, I should have guessed it would be this shot of a super blue blood moon as I had two print orders for it over the past few weeks. I captured this second full moon of January on the night of Jan 31. With it being a second full moon of the month, it picked [...]

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Super Blue Blood Moon setting over Marblehead

I couldn't pass up shooting a 'super blue blood moon' especially when conditions were perfect with forecast for clear skies this morning. The name comes from a unique combination of the moon's proximity to Earth (super), the second full moon in a month (blue) and a partial lunar eclipse (blood). I had scouted out locations last night based on the projected moon set and settled on an area between the Eastern Yacht Club and Corinthian Lane.  As I crossed the causeway onto the Neck, I spotted the bright moon low in the evening sky and followed it as I drove [...]

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New Years Supermoon

I have been looking forward to the New Years Supermoon for two weeks now and kept hoping the predictions for clear skies would hold.  I had everything I needed to capture the first moonrise of 2018 - new camera and a longer lens - that could offer me reach I never had before and the dynamic range to balance the brightness of the moon against Marblehead Light. As it happened, the perfect vantage point for the moonrise fell right in the backyard of my Wednesdays in Marblehead book designer. I sent her an email a few days back to see [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #6 – Goodnight Moon

Another very recent image that immediately cemented a place in my top 10 images of 2016 was this one of the supermoon and Abbot Hall captured on November 14th.  I had three opportunities to capture the historically large supermoon (beaver moon) with a moonrise over Chandler Hovey Park and a moonset against Abbot Hall.  The most challenging one took place on Monday, November 14th with the moonrise.  I had scouted out this location ahead of time but wasn't sure if the trajectory of the moon would work with the very small angle I had to work with.  To add an extra [...]

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Moon and Star over Marblehead

On Wednesday morning, I left the house at dawn with two goals in mind - capturing the setting full moon over Marblehead and a few images using my new Phantom drone.  I started by crossing the causeway and saw the beautiful full moon in my rear view mirror.  I had charted out its descent the night before but, when faced with the moon that morning, I found myself struggling with the right shooting spot.  I ended up driving down Foster Street, up Harbor Avenue, down Corinthian Lane, back up Nahant Street, down Ocean Avenue and finally deciding on Harvard Street. [...]

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Light Up the Moon

Last night, I headed out of Marblehead in the hopes of capturing the full cold moon rising behind Nubble Light which had been decorated for the season in holiday lights.  It felt good to venture outside of Marblehead for a photoshoot - something I hadn't done in quite some time.  And even better to meet up with Phil Cohen who served as the inspiration for Wednesdays in Marblehead with his The Daily Portsmouth. As luck would have it, thick clouds moved in a bit earlier than expected and spoiled the photoshoot.  I was still able to catch up with Phil but [...]

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The Setting Moon and Abbot Hall

After capturing the supermoon rising against the lighthouse at Chandler Hovey Park, I returned home to check the weather forecast for the next morning with the hope of capturing the setting moon as well.  I lucked out with clear conditions forecast for dawn but was concerned with the timing of moonset approximately 30 minutes before sunrise.  With so little light in the morning sky, the relatively bright moon threatened to overwhelm any scene I chose. I woke in the predawn hours and drove across the causeway to Foster Street where I found two other photographers ready to shoot the moon. [...]

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Goodnight Moon – Marblehead, Massachusetts

The supermoon rose at its closest path to Earth in over sixty years and I had just made it to this location in time to capture the incredibly large moon against the iconic Abbot Hall.  In the past 36 hours, I have shot the moonrise twice and the moonset once.  Each location required a good deal of planning and luck - but none more so than this one. I started my supermoon chasing last night from near Crocker Park and managed to get a nice shot of it ascending near the lighthouse.  This morning, I woke before dawn and captured [...]

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Supermoon Rises over Marblehead Light

When I first heard that a supermoon was due to rise in November, I dismissed it as 'yet another supermoon' (it seems we've had two to three of these each year since the last really big one in March 2011 which I used for the cover of my book).  It was only later that I realized that the moon was making its closest path to Earth since 1948 and would indeed be a supermoon to rival and beat that 2011 one. With that in mind, I made several plans for capturing the wonder of this full Beaver moon.  First up was upgrading [...]

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