After capturing the supermoon rising against the lighthouse at Chandler Hovey Park, I returned home to check the weather forecast for the next morning with the hope of capturing the setting moon as well.  I lucked out with clear conditions forecast for dawn but was concerned with the timing of moonset approximately 30 minutes before sunrise.  With so little light in the morning sky, the relatively bright moon threatened to overwhelm any scene I chose.

I woke in the predawn hours and drove across the causeway to Foster Street where I found two other photographers ready to shoot the moon.  The scene before me was beautiful and frustrating with the moon clearly outshining Abbot Hall even as it descended toward the horizon.  I composed this scene to include the moon just as it moved towards the tree line and adjusted the camera to shoot five exposures in rapid succession in order to capture the full range of light present on this morning.

At home, I took the five exposures of the moon and carefully blended them together to bring back the detail in the otherwise white orb that was the setting moon against Abbot Hall.  The 36 hours of moonrises and moonset presented some of the more challenging conditions I have shot in during the past 8 years in Marblehead but the final images more than made up for any frustrations.