Picture Perfect Moonset

Last night, approximately 30 photographers lined Front Street hoping to capture the rise of August's super blue full moon only to be skunked by cloud cover. I managed a few shots of an unexpectedly nice sunset before packing up and heading home. It dawned on me later that night the moonset may be a much better opportunity given the predictions for cool dry air to be approaching Marblehead overnight. I set the alarm for 5:30am and made my way out to Chandler Hovey Park where I saw one other photographer who appeared to have realized the same thing. I took [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #7 Moonset over the Harbor

My seventh favorite image captured in 2022 comes from the morning of September 10th when I made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture the moon setting besides Abbot Hall. If memory serves, the deep orange color was due to a combination of the timing of sunrise but also some west coast fires that added particulate matter to the air. For the deep orange hue of the moon and the foreground of a crowded harbor, this quickly became a favorite and ended up as my seventh best image of 2022.

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Bright Stars and Dark Moon

Well that was a fun morning! I mentioned in my other posts this week that I had gone out on Sunday to catch an early view of the nearly full beaver moon rising as I was unsure if I would have a chance to capture it in the days ahead. With a total lunar eclipse occurring as the moon set (and the sun rose) this morning, I made sure to plan ahead with predicted tracks and lighting and clouds. I had my gear ready to go and set an alarm for 5am in the hopes of getting to see and [...]

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Moonset over the Harbor

In a month when I did not expect to shoot the moon once, I somehow managed to capture the Harvest moon twice at moonrise and once at moonset! Of these, the most planned out was the moonset on Saturday morning when I woke at 5:15 and drove across the causeway to Chandler Hovey Park. I had mapped out this spot as giving me the best composition with the setting full Harvest moon adjacent to Abbot Hall. I arrived to find two other photographers had similar ideas in mind and was awed by the deep orange/pumpkin color of the moon (likely [...]

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Pink Moonset

A wider shot from the full snow moon setting on February 16th than I had initially shared. It's easy to fall into the trap of zooming as far as possible but I try to make it a point to zoom out as well to take in the full scene. Here the 100mm view offered a full pink sky as well as the expanse of landmarks including Abbot Hall, Boston Yacht Club, Crocker Park, St Michael's and Grace Community Church.

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Full Snow Moon sets over Abbot Hall

What a nice start to this Wednesday in Marblehead. I had planned out the timing and location of this morning's full snow moon setting and figured that if I set up along Foster Street, I had a decent chance (weather providing) to capture a nice image of the full moon abutting Abbot Hall.  Alarm went off and I was out the door in cold weather gear (it was a brisk 11 F) and headed across the causeway with a grin across my face as I spotted the moon and few if any clouds to get in the way. Sure enough, [...]

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Harvard Moonset

So the theme for the week appears to be 'making do when the weather doesn't quite cooperate'... Got up before dawn hoping to capture the full moon setting. I had two spots in mind - the public way at Parker Lane or the end of Harvard Street. As I drove, the sky seemed to hold promise but when I arrived at Harvard Street, I spotted a very small bank of clouds hanging behind Abbot Hall. There was a section that seemed to thin out and I stood there hoping for a few breaks to allow the moon to shine through [...]

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Moon and Star over The Landing

On December 12, 2019, the cold moon set over State Street and I was able to capture this view from across the harbor on Harvard Street. I've shared two other images from this morning's outing - one that captured a more panoramic shot to include Grace Community Church and another just to the right that had Old North Church bathed in the light of sunrise. This image sat in the 'to be posted' archive until today. At my lens' full zoom of 400mm, the setting moon and star over The Landing restaurant appear larger than life. I'm normally not a [...]

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Cold Moon over State Street

Yesterday offered picture perfect conditions in Marblehead with about an inch of snow sticking to every branch and partly cloudy skies. It was a perfect day to explore Marblehead on a Wednesday and yet, I had to work (covering for a colleague). I actually drove home from my Salem office at lunch to grab my camera in the hopes of catching the moonrise but arrived at my chosen spot too late for the shot I had in mind. As a trade off for having to cover Wednesday, I had today free and so I got up a bit early and [...]

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Old North Moon

In late March, I had headed out to capture the full worm moon setting and managed to get several images of the moon as it descended near Old North Church. I shared one favorite of the full moon and a wider view of this section of Marblehead but had also managed to capture this image as the moon dropped right next to the church. With the morning light reflecting in the windows of houses along the harbor and the pink hue of the moon now lower in the sky, this was a close runner up to my favorite shot of [...]

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