It seemed only appropriate to begin 2017 with an aerial image as I expect to share many more views from above Marblehead in the year to come.  On Christmas Eve, I headed out shortly after sunset with a particular image in mind.  Since first seeing the holiday light display on Riverside Drive years ago, I sought out a way to do justice to the annual tradition embraced by the neighbors on this small street.  I had tried to shoot from street level but couldn’t fully capture the display and, when I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro drone, knew I had the tools I need to finally realize this image.

I flew from my spot on Leggs Hill and hovered over Riverside Drive as I explored the street from various heights and angles.  This view focusing on the street but including the neighboring houses and hint of evening sky seemed perfect and I then waited and adjusted my settings for this shot.  The final image is a compilation of six images captured as cars drove down the street to take in the beauty of the annual holiday light display.  I slowed the shutter speed to three seconds so that the car headlights and taillights would become streaks of light and help accentuate the lights on the trees and houses.

The final image captures not only the beauty of the holiday lights on Riverside Drive but the awe they inspire in those who drive along the street to stare and take in the view.  If you haven’t driven down this road before, make sure you add it to your list for next year.