On Wednesdays, March 29th, the dense clouds covering Marblehead for most of the day finally began to break as the day neared its end.  I hadn’t flown my Phantom 4 Pro in a few weeks due to rain, clouds and otherwise terrible lighting.  When I finally made it up in the air, I knew the lighting on this night was going to be pretty special and ended up with a spectacular view of an Old Town sunset.

I explored a few vantage points as I flew over Marblehead and fought the building wind as I chased the light.  I found a nice composition including Abbot hall and the rest of historic downtown Marblehead but couldn’t fit in the harbor reflecting the colors of sunset thanks to the clouds above.  I decided to create an aerial panorama comprised of 20 images (10 across in two vertical rows).  I had to work fast to make sure the light didn’t change and I was thrilled with the image you see here that resulted from my efforts.

From Abbot Hall standing tall and touching the horizon on the left to the houses lining Marblehead harbor below and across to the entirety of Marblehead Neck, the final image perfectly captured this Old Town sunset on a late March evening.