Yesterday, I had an interview with Mary Reines of the Marblehead Reporter for an upcoming story and I she asked what it meant to me that so many people seem to count on my capturing ‘the shot’.  I answered that it is incredibly flattering and used the example of rainbows.  It seems that any time a rainbow forms in Marblehead, my wife’s phone will start blowing up with incoming texts alerting her (and me) that a rainbow was formed and that I should head out to capture it.  Today’s image reminded me of that feeling and I thought it fitting to share.

On June 9, 2015, a storm passed through town at 7pm and I immediately packed up my gear.  I drove across the causeway and out to Chandler Hovey park chasing rainbows (or at least the possibility of one).  I was rewarded with a very nice rainbow and found this spot between Marblehead Light and the edge of Chandler Hovey Park from which to compose this final image.

This night would end up being incredibly productive with a beautiful sunset that I captured at the Eastern Yacht Club and then stayed to shoot the sunset cannon firing during evening colors.  All of my images from that evening are below:

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