For the past few nights, I have been chasing clouds and sunsets over Marblehead and been less than thrilled with the results.  I returned home from a barbecue at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School at 6:30pm eyeing the sky all the way home and made a beeline for Chandler Hovey Park as soon as I could.  The clouds held promise and the sun was descending over a cloudless patch of sky but, as I drove, I realized the angles were all wrong for shooting from the Neck.  As luck would have it, I had the drone with me and decided to use it to get into a better position.

I flew out to the mouth of the harbor and started photographing from several hundred feet up before descending to 20 feet over the water.  As I dropped near the water, I spotted the green buoy marked 1MH and flew to this spot ten feet overhead.  I had to watch for boats as I was very low over the water and maneuvered to include Marblehead Light and the full span of Marblehead Neck under these picture perfect clouds reflecting the colors of a late Summer sunset.