Today’s image comes from the Summer of 2013 and a project to capture the sunset cannons firing at each yacht club around Marblehead Harbor.  On this particular June evening, I had ventured out to the Dolphine Yacht Club and captured a small rainbow in the sunset sky.  As I finished shooting the rainbow and cannon firing, I turned my head towards Ladys Cove and spotted this small dock at low tide.

At the angle of the dock, it appeared to be floating on sunset as boats on their moorings filled the waters as far as the causeway.

I asked on my Facebook page about the origin of the name Ladys Cove and received this: “[It] was an area where the maids could go to swim in their off time. The people in the area called it Ladies Cove because [it] was used by females. Was told this by my Aunt Josie Brady.” – Stanley McCarver

Someone else mentioned this used to be a nude beach at one time…