What do you do when the sky explodes in color all around but you’re at home without enough time to drive to a good spot? Fly 400 feet straight up and capture this incredible view over the Atlantic and Boston skyline!

I arrived home a little after 5:30 this evening and caught a quick glance at the sky wondering if the clouds might break in time for sunset.  I didn’t think much more of it as I sat in my office until I saw a bit of light hit the tall tree across the street and checked the webcams around Marblehead.  I still wasn’t all that impressed with the light until the sky just about exploded all around me.  I saw pinks everywhere and found myself without any time to go to a nearby spot to capture the incredible sunset.

I quickly got the Phantom 4 Pro ready and took a sunset flight over Marblehead.  I shot up 400 feet over my house and panned around to find this view of beautiful clouds reflecting the colors of sunset and perfectly positioned over the Atlantic Ocean and Boston skyline.  I was up and back down in less than ten minutes and was floored by the image when it popped up on my screen.

Did you catch tonight’s sunset?