Winter Skyline

I missed out on last night's sunset but had this shot from an outing on November 28th that I hadn't shared yet. I had high hopes for this night but the clouds never quite broke the right way. In the end, I had one keeper featuring Marblehead's winter skyline under a soft pink sky. The combination of Abbot Hall, St Michael's steeple, Grace Community Church and that star of the State Street landing makes for quite the familiar skyline during the colder months.

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Shining Star at Sunrise

On December 23rd, I had headed out before dawn to capture the full cold moon setting with a plan to capture it besides the shining star atop the crane at the State Street Landing (watch for that image tomorrow morning).  Before the moon could descend into frame, I found this composition of St. Michael's Steeple, Grace Community Church and that shining star in between with the perfect colors of dawn painting the sky above. As luck would have it, two birds came into the frame and broke up the otherwise empty sky.

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Sunset Flight over Marblehead

What do you do when the sky explodes in color all around but you're at home without enough time to drive to a good spot? Fly 400 feet straight up and capture this incredible view over the Atlantic and Boston skyline! I arrived home a little after 5:30 this evening and caught a quick glance at the sky wondering if the clouds might break in time for sunset.  I didn't think much more of it as I sat in my office until I saw a bit of light hit the tall tree across the street and checked the webcams around [...]

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Sunshine and Daydream on a Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon, I headed out of the house and across the causeway in the hopes of flying my drone over the NOOD race taking place in the waters off Marblehead.  The winds were too strong and the boats too far for my comfort level so I turned around at Castle Rock and headed back down Ocean Avenue.  As I did, I looked to my left and spotted three boats anchored just off shore and each with a clear view of the Boston skyline. I shot each boat and couldn't make out their names until I got home.  When I [...]

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Boston Skyline from Marblehead – Fifteen Mile View

Though Marblehead is more than fifteen miles away from downtown Boston, the Boston skyline can be clearly seen from a number of spots in town provided conditions are right.  With a borrowed Canon 600mm lens in hand (for shooting tomorrow night's supermoon) and a sky that promised a nice show, I headed out to Ocean Avenue on Marblehead Neck to see if I could capture the view of Boston skyline from our North Shore town. As it turned out, the sunset did not disappoint and the 600mm lens perfectly captured the view of the buildings grouped together.  The only issue [...]

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Golden Light over Marblehead’s Skyline

I had planned to share images of Friday night's spectacular sunset this week but last night's full moon offered an opportunity I couldn't miss.  With that captured, shared and voted on (the final shot with the face won by a landslide), it's time to turn back to Friday night's show. On Monday night, I shared an image taken at the peak of the pink and purple color and Tuesday night featured an image showcasing the incredible clarity that developed early on.  Tonight's image was taken at 6:35pm - in between the first two shared images.  As the sun set lower [...]

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From the Rooftops – Western View from Abbot Hall Tower

For this From the Rooftops Thursday, we return to the top of Abbot Hall Tower where I was fortunate to find myself on an early December morning.  I had climbed the scaffolding surrounding Abbot Hall to help document the work being done to restore the tower to its full beauty and function.  However, once up at the top of the scaffolding, I couldn't help but capture views of Marblehead from this incredible vantage point. In this image, I was facing roughly southwest from where I could angle the camera to include much of the Town of Marblehead and, in the [...]

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From the Rooftops – Corinthian Yacht Club and Marblehead Harbor

Back to the top of Marblehead Light from July 2nd for this From the Rooftops Thursday image.  I had previously shared an image including the shadows cast by Marblehead Light but, before focusing on that composition, I had been overwhelmed by the expansive view of Marblehead Harbor. The only tricky part was deciding whether to incorporate Abbot Hall with its scaffolding and red drape.  For this image, I decided to focus on Marblehead Neck and the Corinthian Yacht Club with the beautiful view of a full Marblehead Harbor.  I was fortunate to have some clouds to work with and I [...]

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Rays of Light over Marblehead

On Saturday, the first Arts Fusion event took place at Abbot Hall as a fundraiser for the Marblehead Art Association and Marblehead Festival of Arts.  I had donated a framed print and copy of my to-be-published book and was excited to see the work on display. Before heading over there though, I noted clouds forming over the town and they seemed to be breaking up just enough to let some rays of light pass through.  I decided to drive out to Marblehead Neck to see if my hunch was right and discovered this scene from a vantage point on Corinthian [...]

Fire in the Sky over Boston

One final image to finish off this week.  This is the last shot I took after the sky exploded in color on the night of January 15.  I shared one shot from the causeway and have one or two others as the sky went through a gamut of colors before finally seeming to catch fire in this view of the Boston skyline. This shot was taken from the same vantage point - along the causeway - as the others and I figured a bit of fire in the sky was a suitable way to kick off the weekend.

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