Cotton Candy Sky over Marblehead Neck

A few more images from that unexpected sunset on August 30th as I awaited the rise of the super blue moon from Front Street. I shared a tighter composition of the Corinthian which you can make out in the two shots that include Marblehead Light but ended up fascinated by the cotton candy sky over Marblehead neck as I pointed the camera deeper into the harbor. There are two very similar photos looking straight across the harbor from Fort beach but I couldn't decide which I preferred so figured would share both rather than relegating one to the 'to be [...]

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Pink Sky and Purple Water

I warned you that I came away with 12 keepers from the incredible dawn on Saturday morning. Here are the next 4 in the series. These images capture the full spectrum from the first light at 5:11am to the sunrise at 5:38am. During that time, I shot from various spots along the stairs at Crocker Park leading to the float (which should be installed in a few more weeks).   I couldn't have asked for better light on this early spring morning as the colors helped me with a wide range of compositions. I hope you agree this image of [...]

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Explosion of Color

I had last gone out to capture images of Marblehead two weeks ago which seems to have become the norm for late winter/early-mid spring for me. The lack of foliage around town and the lack of boats in the harbor limits the compositional possibilities. When I saw rain in the forecast for this weekend, I quickly checked a few apps including those predicting cloud cover and saw there was a pretty good chance for a solid dawn/sunrise on Saturday morning. I set my alarm for 5am and was out the door shortly thereafter. As I drove to Crocker Park, I [...]

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Pink Clouds over Abbot Hall

On Saturday, after heading down the walkway to the float to capture purple rain over the harbor, I made my way back up in under two minutes to capture the pink clouds over Abbot Hall. The departing storm was reflecting the colors of the setting sun and the arc of clouds created an interesting dramatic look to the early June sky. This is a nearly identical composition to one I'll share tomorrow captured 15 minutes earlier when the sky was still exploring in that yellow orange glow. I'm curious which you will prefer.

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Pink Moonset

A wider shot from the full snow moon setting on February 16th than I had initially shared. It's easy to fall into the trap of zooming as far as possible but I try to make it a point to zoom out as well to take in the full scene. Here the 100mm view offered a full pink sky as well as the expanse of landmarks including Abbot Hall, Boston Yacht Club, Crocker Park, St Michael's and Grace Community Church.

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Snow-Capped Sunset

Less than 30 minutes after capturing the view of a frozen Redd's Pond, I had made my way to Tuckers Wharf to shoot the sunset. I had a particular shot in mind - that of Marblehead Light decked out in rope lights for the holiday season. While waiting, a pink sunset formed over the harbor and I moved to position these snow-capped moorings in just the right part of the frame to break up the otherwise monotonous (in a great way) pink water. Marblehead Light can be seen with its green beacon shining bright and the first hint of light [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #8 – October Dawn

I wrote at the time: "As a photographer, I’ve learned to trust my sixth sense which includes when I wake up before dawn, it means conditions are good for a sunrise shoot. With that in mind, I silently left the house at 6am and drove along Humphrey Street trying to judge the light. I spotted some faint pinks in the sky and turned onto Ocean then Atlantic before deciding to make my way to Front Street where the light seemed strongest." Strong turned out to be an understatement as pink-purple light positively erupted in the sky over Fort Beach on [...]

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Morning Light – part 2

This was my second view of sunrise this morning (and no, you did not miss part 1 - I'll share that tomorrow)... I had missed the incredible sunrise on Monday morning and the other really nice one on Tuesday and made sure not to miss the possibility of a decent one on this Wednesday in Marblehead. I started off on Front Street shooting toward Marblehead Light with some nice clouds overhead but left there before the sun rose as I had a hunch about the light in the other direction. I drove to Devereux and pulled over in the parking [...]

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September Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

I'm not quite sure what color I'm looking at in this September sunset over Marblehead harbor. This was the view I had from Crocker Park on September 4th when a storm passed just before sunset and I witnessed a huge orange sky and incredible clouds over the Neck. I had to use my widest lens in a vertical orientation and shoot a multi-image panorama to take in the full scene. I was still shooting as the light changed and, five minutes later, I was staring at this. Is it still orange? Or pink? Or pink-orange??? Whatever the color, the sky [...]

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