What an incredible October sunrise we had this morning!  I woke before 7 to dark skies but looked out and thought conditions might develop for a solid dawn – especially with the coming storm.  I kept thinking that and looking out the window as the sky erupted in color.  With that, I was out the door and off to Preston Beach.

I knew I had little hope for catching the peak of dawn color but hoped some would hold out and that the sunrise might offer a nice opportunity as well.  I arrived at Preston as the sky shifted to solid gold and rushed to the beach where I captured a few photos.  The surf was impressive with waves being pushed by the coming storm.  As the minutes passed, I noted some brightness near Ram Island and, sure enough, the sun began to rise behind thing clouds/haze.

I zoomed in and composed this shot to capture the light of the October sunrise as it colored the sky above and the wet sand in the foreground.