Ram island

October Sunrise at Ram Island

What an incredible October sunrise we had this morning!  I woke before 7 to dark skies but looked out and thought conditions might develop for a solid dawn - especially with the coming storm.  I kept thinking that and looking out the window as the sky erupted in color.  With that, I was out the door and off to Preston Beach. I knew I had little hope for catching the peak of dawn color but hoped some would hold out and that the sunrise might offer a nice opportunity as well.  I arrived at Preston as the sky shifted to [...]

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Full Buck Moon over Ram Island

The full moon is rising tonight but I won't have a chance to capture it.  Instead, I looked through my to-be-published archive and found this image of the full buck moon from July 2016 rising over Ram Island.  The sun had just dipped below the horizon (after 8:00pm!) and lent the sky a pink hue. I've shared one other image from this evening shortly after moonrise but really liked this one for the addition of the moonlight reflecting in the calm ocean waters.

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Last Light on Ram’s Island

This seemed like the perfect photo to end the week.  On July 23rd, I headed out at sunset to Preston Beach chasing a storm and wound up capturing an incredible pink sky with lightning bolts in front of rainbows (that sounds made up but it wasn't). Before any of that happened, I was treated to some interesting cloud formations and incredibly calm waters.  As the sun dipped lower in the sky, it lit up the horizon in a purple hue and the last light of the day cast a golden glow over Ram's Island.  I used a long exposure (3.2 [...]

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Full Buck Moon over Ram’s Island

The full buck moon was due to rise tonight and I had been struggling with a location from which to capture the moonrise.  After nearly six years of shooting photos in Marblehead, I feel like I've explored most variations of the moon rising near the lighthouse and other iconic spots.  I checked my favorite app (the photographer's ephemeris) and found that I could capture the full buck moon over Ram's island if I headed toward Bass Rock Lane. I've tried this exact shot once before but the moon rose later in relation to sunset and haze at the horizon meant [...]

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Rainbows and Rain Clouds

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that I can't wait for warm days and the long Summer sunsets that accompany them.  The other fun part of Summer can be found with passing storms and chasing down rainbows.  For some reason, 2015 offered a nearly endless supply of rainbows and they seemed to occur at the perfect time in relation to work and family responsibilities. This particular rainbow formed on a Friday night in July.  As soon as I arrived at home, I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to the nearest location - Bass Rock Lane.  From there I was [...]

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A Rainbow over Ram’s Island

Last week, I shared an image of the incredible rain cloud that formed over Marblehead Neck on July 24, 2015.  This image of a rainbow over Ram's Island was taken 2 hours earlier as the combination of rain and breaking sunlight served to create the beautiful sight. I ended up capturing this particular rainbow at 5:15pm as we headed out to dinner not realizing that I would have a chance to capture another rainbow from Lafayette Street at 7:30pm as we returned home.  I ended up chasing that rainbow to Front Street and was treated to the rest of the [...]

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Full Moon rising over Ram Island

My family and I were out at Preston Beach with friends tonight enjoying one of the last few days of Summer.  I had checked the position of the coming Sturgeon moon ahead of time and knew that it would rise over Ram Island.  The only potential issue I foresaw were the building clouds and deepening haze at the horizon that I worried might obstruct early views of the full moon. As it happened, the haze did stick around past sunset and I had to wait until the full moon had risen well over Ram Island before capturing it as you [...]

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Preston Beach Lightning – Near Miss at Ram Island

Continuing with 'lightning week' on Wednesdays in Marblehead - here is an image of the opposite viewpoint as yesterday's capture of twin lightning bolts.  This image was taken 40 minutes after yesterday's as the storm moved across the horizon. The position of the lightning bolt makes it appear as if it just missed striking Ram Island.

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Catching the Moon Rise at Bass Rock Lane

On Tuesday, June 30th, my daughter was attending a cooking class at Shubies that was due to end at 7pm.  Realizing that pickup would tie in closely to sunset, I grabbed my camera and two old ones for the kids and went out with my son to pick her up.  We grabbed some ice cream at Terry's next door and I tried to figure out the best spot to take them.  The sunset didn't hold much promise and so we drove home.  Along the way, I spotted the moon rising over the water and decided on a last minute detour [...]

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