Preston Beach

Beach Day

It's going to be a scorcher today so I hope you made plans to either stay inside with the AC on or are headed to a local beach such as Preston. With 90+ degree temps in the forecast, it really does feel like a great beach day. This aerial image of Preston beach was captured on August 6, 2017. I had shared some higher up shots previously but liked this lower one as it offered a different vantage point and allowed me to capture some of the clouds reflecting in the wet sand. Wherever you end up today, hope you [...]

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Twin Lightning at Preston Beach

As incredible as this summer has been, we have had very few impressive lightning storms. I decided to look back at images captured in August from years past that hadn't made it to the light of day and happened upon this two second exposure at Preston Beach in mid-August 2015. We had a very active storm pass by and I managed to capture several bolts of lightning by finding a composition, setting the aperture to f/22 and shutter speed to 2 seconds and then mashing the shutter release. I lucked out with twin lightning bolts in this shot under a [...]

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At Preston Beach – July 4, 2018 – 1:45pm

On Wednesday, July 4th, I decided the conditions were perfect to try a new series of aerial photographs of Marblehead beaches filled with sunbathers trying to escape the hot and humid weather. The July 4th weekend with its perfect combination of hot weather, clear skies, calm water and well timed high tide created the perfect opportunity. In this image at Preston Beach, I positioned the drone just off shore and watched the waves and participants in the water to time this capture. I think it perfectly represents a hot summer day in Marblehead and the lure of the beach. Full series [...]

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Dancing Waves at Flirtation Rock

After exploring the causeway, Front street and the Landing, I made my way to a favorite spot on Surf Street looking down at the small cove bordered by Flirtation Rock and Bass Rock. This is a great vantage point for watching waves crashing against the sea wall and I took plenty of shots of that. However, as I watched one wave recede from the wall and meet another oncoming wave, the sheer power of the two met in the middle to create explosions of water. The small cove seemed to come to life with these dancing waves that reached incredible [...]

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Sunrise at the Sun Circle

I mentioned in Monday's post that I had spent more than a half hour at the beach from dawn to sunrise exploring compositions and enjoying the unusually warm late October morning.  Well after the golden color had left the morning sky and I had captured the sun rising over Ram Island, I finally made my way back up Atlantic Avenue. Before leaving, I decided to walk a few steps to the sun circle and see how the rising sun lined up with the spires found there.  As it happened, the positioning of the sun was nearly perfect and the morning [...]

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Golden Dawn at Preston Beach

A couple of weeks ago, an unbelievable dawn erupted in the sky over Marblehead.  I left the house as the purple light hit its peak and made a beeline for Preston Beach hoping to catch some of the magical color in the clouds.  By the time I parked and got out of the car, the purple had disappeared but, a minute or two later, a golden color exploded overhead. I quickly composed this image to capture as much of the golden dawn as I could.  With the calm ocean and few waves, the wet sand only served to accentuate the [...]

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October Sunrise at Ram Island

What an incredible October sunrise we had this morning!  I woke before 7 to dark skies but looked out and thought conditions might develop for a solid dawn - especially with the coming storm.  I kept thinking that and looking out the window as the sky erupted in color.  With that, I was out the door and off to Preston Beach. I knew I had little hope for catching the peak of dawn color but hoped some would hold out and that the sunrise might offer a nice opportunity as well.  I arrived at Preston as the sky shifted to [...]

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Preston Beach, Marblehead, MA

On the same day that I captured yesterday's image of the last light on a harbor filled with boats, I had gone out to explore a few other areas in town with a birds eye view.  When I checked the tides after leaving the house and saw that we were close to the low tide mark, I decided to drive the short distance to Surf Street and fly over Preston Beach. Preston is easily my favorite Marblehead beach.  At low tide, it has the smoothest sand and it is a 10 minute walk from our house.  As I parked the [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #3 – Rainbow Lightning at Preston Beach

In any other year, I have to believe that rainbow lighting (you can make out the lightning bolt crossing in front of the rainbow) on a pink sky at Preston Beach would have taken the #1 spot.  As it is, the perfect timing in this capture ends up at a still respectable #3 spot.  I went out on July 23rd as the thunderstorm passed Marblehead in the hopes of capturing a few bolts from Preston Beach.  I never expected the clouds to break behind me and create a vibrant pink sunset let alone for a rainbow to form from the [...]

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Calm Sunset at Preston Beach

On July 23rd, I had headed to Preston Beach hoping for a nice sunset as a storm approached.  I started off shooting the incredibly calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean as the clouds began to reflect the light of the setting sun.  Little did I know that only 10 minutes later I would be shooting a brilliant pink-red sky with rainbows and lightning bolts. With the recent warm days, many of our beaches have been packed as people flock to the ocean to find some solace from the heat.  It was nice to have the beach to myself on this [...]

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