With every significant Nor’Easter, one can count on a group to gather along Cliff Street near Red Steps to watch the waves explode along the causeway. Based on the height of the crash relative to the lamp posts, one can get a good measure of a storm and it’s power.  This is a popular stop and I wasn’t alone here at high tide on the Saturday after the storm.  I didn’t even have the longest lens of the group ;-)

Nevertheless, I watched the waves and chose my compositions while waiting for the breaks in clouds that would offer some backlight to the scene and give the waves added life and structure. I lucked out with this shot having chosen the correct lamp post for a change (I had been on a run of aiming at lamp posts with meager waves for the last 20 or 30 shots).

With the height of the crash and the backlight illuminating the full height of the wave, I knew I had gotten a unique version of this oft-taken shot – the seagull flying in just the right spot was icing.

*The height of the causeway lamp posts is 25 feet (per Light Dept) and assuming the ocean is at the same height on the opposite side of the causeway as where it lies on the harbor side, I measured the peak of this wave crash at 47 feet above sea level!