That was a fun night!!!

I had been watching the radar all afternoon wondering if I might have a chance at capturing lightning with yet another summer storm. As the storm approached, I made my way to Devereux Beach and lucked out with a few bolts there before packing up and heading to Fort Beach. I had been watching the radar and thought I might be able to get a large bolt over the harbor but never expected the shot I got. At that point, I headed home figuring the coming rain would ruin any chance of rainbows or sunsets.

Incoming texts from my daughter and wife proved me wrong and I quickly left the house and headed back to Devereux while watching a huge rainbow fill the evening sky. I made it to the beach just as the last hint of the rainbow was fading but was treated to a really nice golden sunset over the water as consolation prize.

From there it was off to Foster Street and a quick run down to the water’s edge to capture the last of the sunset light over Abbot Hall and boats filling the harbor.

I haven’t had this much fun shooting in a long time…