The blizzard conveniently ended on a Wednesday and I set an alarm to capture first light on Washington Street covered in snow. I knew from my house that the snow would like have stuck to the branches of trees and sides of houses and was not disappointed to find this scene of historic downtown laid out before me.

I passed this spot earlier as I started off flying my drone up to Abbot Hall for an image of the clock face caked in snow. After landing, I decided to walk up State Street and across Washington Street to find equally compelling images. This one of Old Town House bordered by Grace Community Church and Abbot Hall is a composition I have tried to shoot a few times.  There was always something missing such as good light or something detracting such as a parked car.  On this morning, I lucked out by catching the first light of day shining across the yellow siding of Old Town House while fully illuminating the other buildings.

Yes, it’s another shot of snow but, given conditions these past few weeks with three sequential Nor’Easters, there hasn’t been much else to shoot…

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