For those who don’t know me outside of this website, I’m the father of two children and purchased my first ‘real’ camera six months before my now 12 year old son was born. That led to landscape photography and eventually Wednesdays in Marblehead. For every landscape shot I share, I probably take 5-10 of the kids doing activities or just trying to capture moments before they grow up. Only once before have my kid shots and the landscape ones come together in a group shot of kids at Redd’s during the Fourth of July sailboat regatta.

Last night, I was home with my daughter while my wife watched my son’s baseball game at Gatchell Field. As the fog thickened, she noted the effect of the lights backlighting the foggy air and told me to bring the camera when I came to grab him. I arrived in the sixth inning and snuck onto the field when I saw these perfect conditions. I set up and shot frame after frame as each pitch sailed across the plate. My son’s Dodgers were behind to the Red Sox and had to make up a big deficit in this last inning.

I shot as kids picked off pitches with base hits and doubles and watched as the score inched closer. Then my son (#15) came to bat and I fired away as this second pitch flew towards him and he connected sending the ball deep into center field. He got a double out of it but the Dodgers weren’t able to make up that deficit and the game ended shortly thereafter.

Hope you will indulge me with this moody image of baseball in the fog at Gatchells.

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