Never-ending Sunrise

  • In late June a sunrise bathed Marblehead harbor in a range of colors and seemed to last forever

I thought I would take a break from the drone shots and revise the never-ending sunrise that took place at the end of June. This is the third image captured from Hammond park on the morning of June 30th and I’m amazed when I look back at how different each shot is with a slight change in focal length and a drastic change in cloud cover and color.

The sunrise on this morning lasted about 15 minutes which is really an incredibly long period from that first light of dawn painting the clouds overhead to the first peak of the sun just behind the lighthouse. I’ve shared images taken from a super wide and fully zoomed in view. This one is a middle distance and is the middle shot in the sequence.

Hope it helps start your day in a good light…sorry, terrible pun…

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    That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing ?

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    Gorgeous! One of these days I will catch sunrise 😉

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    Just awesome! Thank for all you do to remind of this very special place we occupy on this awesome planet! A real treasure in life is seeing the world through someone else’s eyes! ??

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