I first received word of a dragon in Marblehead by email a few weeks ago. Then I spotted the great video by James Maroney of Marblehead Community Access and knew I had to get down to Pleasant Street to view this incredible animatronic work of art.  I arrived a little before 9am and was in awe of the scale of the dragon. It stretches over the garage and across to the house. In the morning, the dragon had not yet woken with its animatronics powered down for the evening. I took a few photos and contacted the owners – Tom and Brooke Saltsman – about returning for some more images (including an aerial view).

I returned when the clouds broke a little after 1pm and found a breathing dragon with a awesome red eye darting this way and that. A mother had just brought her two boys who were happy beyond belief at seeing this REAL LIVE DRAGON! (you had to hear their excited exclamations).  I set about capturing our very own Marblehead dragon from the ground and air as the light struck it and really brought the creature to life.

Beyond the dragon, a reimagining of Hagrid’s hut lies in the garage. If you are anywhere near Marblehead for Halloween tonight, I strongly encourage that you fight the crowds to visit this dragon in Marblehead at 32 Pleasant Street.

Thank you to Tom and Brooke Saltsman (and an entire crew of helpers) for bringing this piece of wonder to town. It was no surprise to find that Tom is an architect and builder and, after seeing this work, have no doubt that his more permanent pieces are just as incredible. You can find more information here – http://www.saltsmanbrenzel.com/