Once more to Ware Lane and peak foliage along this tiny dirt road in Marblehead. I mentioned in Monday’s post that I had happened upon this scene while walking the dog with my wife and returned with camera gear in tow to capture its beauty. I shot with a 200mm lens at first to focus on the tree and pond but then switched to a 16mm lens for a wider vertical view and one of those sun stars.

When I shared the first image, I was struck by all the comments of those who grew up in this section of the Clifton neighborhood including those who said that Monday’s image instantly transported them back in time to their childhood spent in and around this small lane. I thought it only fitting then to title this version ‘Ware in the World’ as this little lane really seems to have left its impression on a number of former ‘Headers now living away from town but with a long held connection to it.

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