This will be the first year since moving to Marblehead that I will miss the annual fireworks show. With that in mind, I thought I would share an image from last year’s show that was years in the making and ended up offering me a completely new prospective on a Marblehead Fourth of July celebration.

I purchased my drone several years ago and, shortly thereafter, obtained my drone pilot license for commercial photography. It was then that I realized what hurdles I would need to pass in order to realize this shot that I had envisioned. I had to devise a concrete plan for this shoot and submit it as well as contingencies to the FAA for a night time waiver which came only a month before Independence Day.  When the day arrived, I staked out my spot along the causeway and waited with my camera set up and the drone in hand. I had marked off an area near me and launched the drone by hand behind the causeway as night fell. I captured a few images of the harbor illumination and then ascended to this level for the first fireworks explosions marking the Marblehead Fourth of July festivities.

Focusing in the dim light was nearly impossible and I had to push the drone’s abilities with this four second exposure but, with the aerial view of boats filling Marblehead harbor and the light of a firework illuminating the mouth of the harbor, I was thrilled with the final image.

Hope you enjoy tonight’s show. I’m sorry I’ll miss it but will look forward to images and videos in the days to come.