I hadn’t been back to Fort Sewall since the day after the storm that took down large pieces of what I affectionately called the Giving Tree. I had woken up early this morning for a different shoot after noticing the Hotel Marblehead’s new paint job (watch for that shot tomorrow). I finished shooting from Pleasant Street and was disappointed in the lack of fog or a nice sunrise and was all set to turn back home when I decided to continue down to Fort Beach and see what had become of the tree.

Last time I turned onto Front Street, I described a gut punch feeling when I saw the tree. This morning, this is the view that greeted me instead – a golden sun perfectly balanced between the branches that remain of the Giving Tree. I quickly parked, got out of the car and set up to capture this image of a Fort Sunrise with a bit of hope that the tree might make it and continue to be a focal point at Fort Sewall.

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