Fort Beach

Corker of a Sunset over Fort Beach

This corker of a sunset took shape over Fort Beach twenty minutes after yesterday's image and, the kicker is, that it wasn't even the best light to come out of this evening's outing. I had already shared the incredible pink-purple light that followed this golden glow by five minutes. However, this color was too good not to share as well. At this point in the evening, I was set up on Fort Sewall Lane with a tripod and had watched as kids came and went from the waters below. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the cloud formations seemed [...]

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Splashing Water at Fort Beach

On July 3rd, I chased a promising cloud formation to Fort Beach and started to shoot it from atop Fort Sewall. As the cloud moved and picked up more light from the setting sun, I made my way down Fort Sewall Lane and stopped at this overlook for a bit. I watched as kids headed into the shallow water on a hot summer evening and captured a few frames of them splashing water at each other. The sunset created picture perfect light overhead that reflected nicely in the waters of Fort Beach. I was pretty happy with this shot until [...]

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Sunset Sky over Fort Beach

Thank goodness for good friends and last minute plans or else I would have missed the incredible sunset sky over Fort Beach that erupted last night... I had come home from work just before 6 and touched base with friends who invited me to join them at Crocker Park to take in the Festival of Arts music while eating dinner. My wife and kids are off in Chicago so I was thankful for the invite and a chance to relax outside with good company - Thanks Mabrys!!! I picked up some Howling Wolf and then headed to Crocker where I [...]

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Harvest Moon under the Tree at Fort Sewall

In the past week, my wife and both kids have celebrated birthday - needless to say, I haven't had a chance to shoot lately and especially not the recent full moon.  Thankfully, I captured several images of the Harvest moon that rose on October 4th and haven't had a chance to share them yet. I had decided to capture the Harvest Moon from along Front Street.  I started off at Lovis Cove and then walked along Front Street toward Fort Sewall as the moon rose in the evening sky.  At this point I had stopped at Fort Beach to take [...]

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Good Day for a Row through the Harbor

Although today's image was taken a few years ago (2011) and in a month you wouldn't expect (December), it seemed like the perfect shot to bring out of the 'to be posted' folder and share on this picture-perfect Friday.  I've shot the boats tied to their lines on Fort Beach countless times and in varying compositions but the light on this particular day was too good to pass up. With the clear, calm water, the scene seems to beckon the viewer in on a good day for a row through the harbor.

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Fort Beach Sunset

On February 21st, I visited Fort Sewall to capture a full moon and ended up being treated to a nice Winter sunset.  I began shooting on the far end of Fort Sewall looking out toward Gerry Island and slowly made my way around as the sun set and the colors built up in the sky. As the light began to fade, I found this vantage point from atop Fort Sewall looking out over Fort Beach and the waning light of sunset.  This is one of the few spots where a lack of boats can be helpful to the scene.  In [...]

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Moonlit Reflection at Fort Beach

The unseasonably warm weather this weekend made Spring feel as though it was just around the corner.  As the warm air began to give way to slightly cooler weather this week, I spotted the chance for a good sunset and decided to head out to capture the scene from Fort Sewall.  Before I left, I noted that the nearly full moon was due to rise at 4:30pm (an hour before sunset) and thought I would aim for a shot of it as well since I wouldn't get the chance tomorrow night. I arrived at Fort Beach and found thick clouds [...]

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Seal Beach, Marblehead

This President's Day weekend, a lone seal pup was spotted basking in the sun on the rocks at Fort Beach.  He became a regular visitor to this spot and so, on the Saturday before record cold temperatures were due to arrive, my family and I headed over to see if we could spot the newest resident of Marblehead. Sure enough, the seal could be seen along the nearest rocks to the roadway.  He (or she) would perk up its head when cars passed but otherwise seemed quite content to lie there on this relatively warm perch.  I started off shooting [...]

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Calm Morning on Fort Beach

Today's image comes from October 18th and an outing at dawn in the hopes of catching some early sea smoke.  The first hard frost of the year seemed to be a good time to catch some sea smoke but the wind and other factors prevented it from forming. Instead, I pointed my lens at the great tree at Fort Sewall and composed this image to capture the feel of a calm morning on Fort Beach.

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The Storm Cloud

On Friday, July 24th, my family and I were driving back into Marblehead from dinner in Beverly where we had barely escaped heavy rains.  As we drove down Lafayette Street, I spotted an enormous rainbow taking shape over Salem Harbor and received permission to pull over and capture it (I had luckily put the camera bag and tripod in the trunk just in case).  With sunset fast approaching and fearing little time to capture any other great clouds over Marblehead Harbor, I convinced my wife and kids to join me on a quick photo shoot. When I turned onto Front [...]

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