Last night, a deluge of rain poured down on Marblehead beginning at around 6pm. I was watching the radar as it looked like the rain might clear right at sunset and provide perfect conditions for a rainbow. Sure enough, the rain tapered down just before 7 (sunset is at 7:20pm right now) and I drove off to a spot along the harbor.

I ended up at the end of Ferry Lane and sat in my car as the last drops fell and saw the sky brighten up only to then hear the sunset cannons fire telling me that the clearing was a little too late. No rainbow appeared by the clouds of the departing rainstorm made for some very interesting scenes in the blue hour.

I shot several compositions of the harbor filled with boats and then turned to find the crescent moon over Crocker Park and finished the night with this image of the moon reflecting in the still waters of the harbor and the storm clouds picking up a bit of color in the blue hour.

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