blue hour

Diving at Dusk

On Wednesday night, I had headed out to Crocker Park as sunset neared hoping for some good light to shine behind Abbot Hall.  While the light built up to a peak looking back toward town, I kept looking over my shoulder at the developing golden glow on Marblehead Harbor.  As the sunset cannons fired, I raced to the spot from which I could capture the boats reflecting the beautiful glow of sunset with a hint of pink-purple in the night sky. As soon as I reached my spot for this composition, I spotted a dad and his kids taking turns jumping [...]

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Still Waters at Sunset

On Friday night, I headed out at sunset hoping to catch a beautiful sunset light up the evening sky.  Clouds had filled the sky as the day progressed but a small break near the horizon offered the chance for sunlight to shine through and set the clouds on fire. As luck would have it, the break in the clouds closed as the sun set and I had to make due with a more subdued blue light in the night sky.  As it happened, Marblehead Harbor was very calm and I decided to close down the aperture on the camera and [...]

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Lighting Up State Street

This image comes one week before yesterday's and a dawn outing on State Street.  The forecast for light clouds raised my hopes for a good sunrise and I set my alarm clock to try to take advantage of the conditions. I started off on State Street in the pre-dawn blue hour and found one house with holiday lights encircling the door.  I moved to the edge of the sidewalk for this image of the street winding toward the harbor and the shining star hanging overhead from a crane.

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Top 10 of 2015 – Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

I usually like to wait a little while after taking and sharing an image to decide if it has 'legs' and will remain a favorite for years to come.  In the case of this image of Mud Puddle Toys and the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, I knew the moment I clicked the shutter. The response to the image was overwhelming and confirmed my early feelings.    Here is #10 in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown.

The Float at Crocker Park

The morning of Sunday, August 24 ended up being a very productive one.  My wife and kids were out of town and I decided to wake up before 5:00am to capture the dawn from Crocker Park. Between 5:18 and 5:58, I captured a number of images from Crocker Park including views looking out over a full Marblehead Harbor with the sun rising near Marblehead Light.  This is the last image I have to share from the set. I had never taken an image from this position before and sought to include the nearby tree as well as the float at [...]

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Marblehead Harbor in the Blue Hour

In early September, I had woken up early enough to capture Marblehead harbor in the blue hour.  I drove down State Street to Front Street and parked at the Landing from where I walked around the corner and found this vantage point. The waters were incredibly still and, for some reason, all of the lights were on at the Corinthian Yacht Club at 5:45am when I clicked the shutter.  The golden glow of those lights complemented the blues in the sky and water with the bright green light of Marblehead Light reflecting in the still waters.

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Waiting for a Ride in Marblehead Harbor

It's interesting to watch the traffic in Marblehead Harbor during the morning blue hour as the sunrise approaches.  On this particular Sunday, I had gone out in hopes of interesting skies left over from the intense lightning storm that seemed to signal the end of Summer.  While the scene before me was calm and peaceful, I quickly lost hope for a brilliant sunrise that would explode in colors over the harbor. Instead, as I waited on the light, I noted someone waiting at the end of a float at State Street landing.  With the minimal light, I had to shoot [...]

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Marblehead Harbor in the Blue Hour

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I hadn't captured the sunrise (let alone the blue hour preceding it) in over 3 months and had decided to make up for it on Sunday.  As I drove toward Crocker Park, I noted some great clouds in the night sky and hoped they would stay for the sunrise. I arrived at my destination and made my way up the small hill to Crocker Park where I first took in the view of Marblehead Harbor in the blue hour looking out toward Marblehead Light.  I walked down the path to the float for a [...]

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Fort Beach in the Blue Hour

Last night felt like the first of many great Summer nights to come.  The temperatures had soared during the day and I had noticed promising clouds as the kids' bedtime approached.  After reading to my son, I took a look out the window and figured I would head out to try to capture an image of the sun setting. I started off at Rockett Landing off Village street and was very happy with the way the light reflected off the clouds overhead and the waters of Salem harbor.  That image needs another day or so of work so I opted [...]

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Lights on the Causeway

This image comes from the morning of February 6 and followed the image of the tree at Fort Sewall.  When I composed that wider shot to include the snow covered branches of the tree, I had noticed the bright lights of the causeway shining at regular intervals.  I decided to reposition the camera near the edge of the walkway at the fort and zoom in to highlight the alternating lights against the clouds and sky in the blue hour of dawn.

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