The rain on Friday should have been my first clue but somehow the weekend came and went and it was only near the end of two picture perfect days that I remembered – this should have been the weekend of the carnival. I really love the carnival and have made it a point to shoot it each year. I remember being particularly excited for this year’s event as I was told that Cushing Amusement had purchased a new taller ferris wheel that lit up and would have made a great centerpiece of any composition.

I’m not sure if it helps to remember these traditions that are being postponed. I know that when I find these images in my ‘to be posted’ folder, I’m immediately transported back to when I captured them – in this case, May 3, 2019. Hopefully today’s shot of kids gathered to ride the Zipper brings you some nice memories as well.

I made a portfolio of my carnival shots a few years ago so if you want to indulge some more memories of this great tradition, click here –