Turns out I was 0 for 2 on Saturday, July 4th having gone to Castle Rock for the moonrise (but left before the moon appeared over some low-lying haze) and then missed any rogue fireworks. Just as I ‘made up’ for the missed fireworks with yesterday’s image, I thought I would share this ‘to be published’ shot of a broken moon from August 2018.

Just as this weekend, the moonrise was initially hidden by low lying clouds/haze but, once it appeared, the sturgeon moon was a brilliant red. I watched as it rose from my vantage point along Front Street and was initially disappointed with this image of the moon seemingly broken in half by a thin cloud. I shared the whole moon captured 4 minutes earlier and relegated this one to the archive.

Now, the unique appearance of the moon has grown on me and I might even favor this one over the original.