That was quite the lightning storm that passed over Marblehead tonight and I feel very fortunate to have lucked out with capturing this one bolt from along Corinthian Lane.

Earlier in the evening, I watched as the storm approached but did not dare venture out based on the radar signature of deep reds and purples. I held hope that after the main storm passed, I still might have a chance to capture some of the action and, given the hour, maybe, just maybe a lightning sunset.

As I left the house, I spotted a huge rainbow overhead but by the time I reached Riverhead beach, it had faded away. I continued along the causeway and stopped along two places on the Neck before heading over to Corinthian Lane. With the radar guiding me, I knew I needed a spot with lots of southern exposure to have a hope of capturing one of the lightning strikes.

Once there it was a matter of choosing the lens, composition and…waiting. I missed a few bolts that were further southwest but then lucked out with this bolt of light as the sunset hit its peak.