Corinthian Lane

Marblehead Rays

September 4th was quite the photo outing with this first stop along Corinthian Lane paving the way for a later outing at Crocker Park that would yield some instant favorite images. When I first went out at 5pm, it was to catch a break in rain showers and some interesting clouds that I had spotted overhead. I drove across the causeway and then glanced left as I drove along the Neck finally deciding to pull over along Corinthian Lane. I arrived just as another storm was approaching and, with the broken cloud cover, the sunlight was broken up into sun [...]

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Sunset View from Corinthian Lane

Near the end of May, I was fortunate to end up on the Neck as a beautiful sunset took shape over Marblehead harbor.  This sunset view from Corinthian Lane developed slowly and hit its peak a few minutes after 8:00. We've had a few really nice sunsets lately and hopefully will get a few more with the warm weather and occasional storms predicted for the week.

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Memorial Day Sunset

That might have been the most perfect Memorial Day weekend that we have had in years. After all the rain and clouds that have battered Marblehead in April and May, this long weekend proved to be a literal breath of fresh air with temperatures above 70, a gentle breeze, and hardly a drop of rain (at least, none during daylight hours). We had just finished grilling last night when I looked up and noticed the cloud cover and hints of color. I quickly checked the radar and decided on a quick trip out to capture the sunset. I drove down [...]

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Unforgettable Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

On any other night, this unforgettable sunset over Marblehead Harbor would have been shared as soon as I returned home.  However, June 27th wasn't quite like any other night and I had an incredible lightning storm as well as a rainbow over Castle Rock to share before getting to this image. I had actually started shooting an hour earlier at Chandler Hovey park as a lightning storm passed through town.  When the rain hit, I raced to my car and waited for the next storm to arrive.  I had little hope for a break in the clouds and, when the [...]

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Summer Sunsets on the Harbor

With a record breaking second heat wave already this year, my thoughts have firmly turned to Summer and evenings spent chasing clouds across the causeway.  On this night in September, I had set up on Corinthian Lane and captured one of the more incredible Summer sunsets on the harbor. The evening's sunset started off with yellows and oranges coloring the clouds and reflecting in the water below.  Before it was over, the sunset had gone through a rainbow of colors including purples and finally reds.  I can't wait to start chasing these warm Summer sunsets again.

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Breathtaking View from Corinthian Lane

After six years of capturing images of Marblehead, I had started to wonder if Marblehead could still surprise me with her beauty and then the sunset of September 20th proved that it absolutely could.  I had gone out that night hoping for good light and ended up at Corinthian Lane on a whim.  That decision paid off as one of the most vibrant (and longest lasting) sunsets I had ever witnessed took shape over Marblehead Harbor. I've shared a few shots from this evening already and have many more favorites yet to share as the light continued to change and [...]

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Night on the Neck

Phew!  If you've been wondering why my posts tapered off and became non-existent in the past week, it was because I was studying during any free time I had for my Boards exam.  Every 10 years, physicians need to 'certify' (their words) that we are staying up to date on the practice of medicine by sitting for an examination.  In my case, the American Board of Allergy and Immunology put together 200 questions to be answered in a span of 4 hours covering the full breadth of what I do day in and day out.  I took the opportunity to listen [...]

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Fire in the Sky

Tonight, I was fortunate to capture one of the most incredible displays of color and light as a fire in the sky marked one of the last sunsets of this Summer in Marblehead.  I had missed out on last night's sunset and was jealous of the shots populating my Facebook and Instagram feeds.  As sunset approached and the air picked up humidity, I decided to head out hoping for a decent showing. I drove across the causeway and stopped along Foster Street to assess the position of the sun in the sky.  From there, I headed over to Corinthian Lane and [...]

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Perfect Spot for a Sunset

Last night, the sunset was due to take place at 6:48pm thanks to the magic of Daylight Savings Time and, after a quick check of the weather conditions, I thought it might turn into a good show.  With that thought in mind, I headed out with a few destinations in mind. I started off shooting along Riverhead Beach and started to become nervous as the clouds built up near the horizon.  I stayed in that spot until 6pm and then decided to head to a location I hadn't visited since the Summer - Corinthian Lane.  This might just be the [...]

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A Late Summer Day on Marblehead Harbor

I don't know about you but this Winter is getting old quick.  Between the snow, blizzard conditions and days on end that stayed below the freezing mark, this has the feel of a very long Winter...and it's only mid-January.  The mini 'warm up' these past two days has only left me thinking of Summer even more. I decided to look back in the archives for some warm images and wanted to share this one today.  First, the specifics - this image was taken on August 16 at 7:25pm.  I can't imaging light at 7:30pm but I can definitely feel the [...]

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