Lightning, Sunset and a (nearly) missed Rainbow

That was a fun night!!! I had been watching the radar all afternoon wondering if I might have a chance at capturing lightning with yet another summer storm. As the storm approached, I made my way to Devereux Beach and lucked out with a few bolts there before packing up and heading to Fort Beach. I had been watching the radar and thought I might be able to get a large bolt over the harbor but never expected the shot I got. At that point, I headed home figuring the coming rain would ruin any chance of rainbows or sunsets. [...]

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Flash of Light

This has been a tough month for photography with grey skies dominating and flat uninteresting light day after day. I had gone out for another storm in early June and was thrilled to capture my first lightning of the season. When the radar showed storm cells heading in our direction again last night, I made my way out to the Neck again.   I set up at Chandler Hovey Park for this expansive view of Marblehead harbor and had to guess at the direction of the storm and subsequent lightning. This was the third bolt of the storm and my [...]

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First Strike

I was downright giddy when I first saw mention of possible thunderstorms tonight and made it out to this spot on Corinthian Lane to try to capture my first strike of the season. I had a radar app alternating with a lightning strike spotter app and, between them, tried to capture bolts as they appeared. I missed two great ones near Abbot Hall but managed to get this bolt (and a half) as it struck over a rapidly filling Marblehead harbor.

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Nature’s Fireworks

In lieu of this year's harbor illumination and show, I thought I would share this image from a few days ago when a storm approached and put mother nature's fireworks on full display. I had gone out earlier to Fort Beach and captured a bolt of lightning from a departing storm as well as a nice rainbow. As I checked radar, I found a very active storm approaching to the south so I headed back out. Given the track of the storm, I crossed the causeway and set up at the small beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I captured a [...]

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Lightning Crashes

I love summer storms...especially when they happen on a Wednesday in Marblehead ;-) With the insane heat wave of the past few days predicted to break tonight, I kept watching multiple weather apps and my radar ones looking for any sign of storms and the possibility of lightning. Sure enough right around 6pm, a set of storms that had been heading to our north abruptly shifted and came over Marblehead. The radar looked too ominous to try to capture the incoming storm so I waited it out (while enjoying sushi from Gourmet Garden) and then took off as soon as [...]

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Top 10 of 2020 – #2 – Lightning Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

We had a fairly active pattern of storms at the end of August with this image being captured on August 23 (4 days after the outing with storms and rainbows). I had gone out to a favorite spot along Corinthian Lane to watch this storm coming towards Marblehead just as sunset approached. I set up to try to capture lightning while also keeping the shutter speed fast enough to keep the boats in sharp focus. There's a lot of luck when it comes to lightning shots and I definitely lucked out when I saw this huge bolt just as the [...]

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Please Stay Off Beach

I couldn't help but combine three shots from this spot along Ocean Avenue on the Neck to create a more impressive view of the lightning strikes over Boston from a very active storm that came through on August 23rd. This was the same storm that I captured in that purplish orange sunset with a single bolt. Having gotten that shot, I headed for home but then decided to turn onto Ocean Avenue as lightning kept striking to the south. I used my widest lens and shot several frames until I managed to capture this collection of bolts over the span [...]

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Lightning Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

That was quite the lightning storm that passed over Marblehead tonight and I feel very fortunate to have lucked out with capturing this one bolt from along Corinthian Lane. Earlier in the evening, I watched as the storm approached but did not dare venture out based on the radar signature of deep reds and purples. I held hope that after the main storm passed, I still might have a chance to capture some of the action and, given the hour, maybe, just maybe a lightning sunset. As I left the house, I spotted a huge rainbow overhead but by the [...]

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June Storm in the Harbor

[Update] - well...that was short lived... I was wrong. I decided to give up posting to Facebook and Instagram because I was frustrated with their algorithms and all of the politics and hate (mostly on FB). But then I opened up Facebook this morning and saw a beautiful shot of a spectacular sunrise from Alex Falk and realized I was wrong. This shot brought a smile to my face and, if my images can do the same to you amidst everything going on, it is worth the minor frustration. Ironically, you'll have to visit my Facebook page to see his [...]

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Summer Storm in Marblehead

This may not be the first summer storm in Marblehead but it's the first one I was here for and, luckily enough, happened on a Wednesday so I was free to head to the Neck to try to capture some bolts of lightning. I was watching the clouds and radar all afternoon and headed out when the storm approached flanking Marblehead to the north and south. I started off at Castle Rock but kept missing the lightning there and so I packed up and headed to Chandler Hovey Park. I waited for a bit and then spotted the first bolt [...]

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