June Storm in the Harbor

[Update] - well...that was short lived... I was wrong. I decided to give up posting to Facebook and Instagram because I was frustrated with their algorithms and all of the politics and hate (mostly on FB). But then I opened up Facebook this morning and saw a beautiful shot of a spectacular sunrise from Alex Falk and realized I was wrong. This shot brought a smile to my face and, if my images can do the same to you amidst everything going on, it is worth the minor frustration. Ironically, you'll have to visit my Facebook page to see his [...]

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Summer Storm in Marblehead

This may not be the first summer storm in Marblehead but it's the first one I was here for and, luckily enough, happened on a Wednesday so I was free to head to the Neck to try to capture some bolts of lightning. I was watching the clouds and radar all afternoon and headed out when the storm approached flanking Marblehead to the north and south. I started off at Castle Rock but kept missing the lightning there and so I packed up and headed to Chandler Hovey Park. I waited for a bit and then spotted the first bolt [...]

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Twin Lightning at Preston Beach

As incredible as this summer has been, we have had very few impressive lightning storms. I decided to look back at images captured in August from years past that hadn't made it to the light of day and happened upon this two second exposure at Preston Beach in mid-August 2015. We had a very active storm pass by and I managed to capture several bolts of lightning by finding a composition, setting the aperture to f/22 and shutter speed to 2 seconds and then mashing the shutter release. I lucked out with twin lightning bolts in this shot under a [...]

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Lightning and a Pink Sky

Last night's lightning storm was intense and too rainy for capturing photos of the bolts. It did put me in mind of this image from August 2015 and a storm I watch cross over Marblehead and retreat to the Atlantic. I had chased the storm to Castle Rock and shot frame after frame hoping to catch a bolt of lightning. I lucked out with this image taken as sunset formed a pink sky to complement the strike across the frame.

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Top 10 of 2017 – #2 Lightning Storm over Marblehead Harbor

I've captured images of lightning over Marblehead Harbor only twice previously (June 2012 and August 2015).  I had been pleased with those efforts until the night of June 27th.  I had gone out after one storm passed over town and set up along Corinthian Lane to capture the next storm headed our way. While I waited, I was treated to an incredible sunset and then this - my second favorite image of 2017. My original thoughts on this image: What an incredible night and an epic lightning storm over Marblehead Harbor.  I left the house a little after 7pm hoping [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #6 Lightning Strikes Marblehead Light

Would you believe this is one of two shots of lightning in the top 10? Today's image was taken on September 14, 2017 at 7:27pm when a fast moving storm went through town.  With the frequent bursts of lightning and the proximity of them, I didn't feel safe shooting in the open and so I set up my tripod on the passenger seat of the car with the window open hoping that lightning would strike near Marblehead Light.  My luck held out and I came away with my fifth favorite image of the year. My original thoughts on this image: [...]

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Lightning Strikes Twice in Marblehead

In mid-September, an active lightning storm passed over Marblehead shortly after sunset.  I had setup my longest lens inside the car due to the frequent bolts of lightning shining in the night sky and aimed at Chandler Hovey Park hoping for the best while mashing on the shutter button (well, the remote button to minimize shake...). As it happened, I lucked out and caught not one but two separate bolts.  I shared the second capture as soon as I came home but this was the first bolt that appeared on my screen.  The exposure on this one was a bit [...]

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Lightning Strikes Marblehead Light

So the title above 'lightning strikes Marblehead Light' may be a bit of creative license but when I saw this bolt and the image on the back of my camera's monitor, I just about lost my mind.  A bit about the shot: What an incredible lightning storm we just had pass through town!  I saw the sky darken as we finished dinner and ran out the door when I saw the radar image of the storm.  I quickly decided that Front Street offered me the best view and wondered if I might get a lucky shot of a lightning strike [...]

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Mother Nature’s Fireworks

I couldn't post yesterday's image of fireworks without immediately recalling the display of Mother Nature's fireworks on June 27th.  I shared an incredible image of multiple bolts as soon as I came home but had a few more captures from that night that I had wanted to share as well. This was the last shot I took on that evening.  The sun had long since set and my exposure time was getting longer.  At this point I had to up the camera ISO to 1600 to keep a reasonable shutter speed of 1.3 seconds. Thankfully, it was calm that night [...]

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Lightning Storm over Marblehead Harbor

What an incredible night and an epic lightning storm over Marblehead Harbor.  I left the house a little after 7pm hoping to capture lightning from Chandler Hovey park but kept missing bolts during the first storm.  As the rain pelted the Neck, I waited in my car and saw another storm heading our way on the radar. As I waited, I noted pink hues forming near the horizon and moved to a favorite spot on Corinthian Lane from where I captured a very nice sunset over the harbor.  Just as the sunset light faded, the real show began and I [...]

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