It’s truly an odd year when the leaves at Seaside Park have turned before the kids are back in school…

Today marks the official first day of school and both of my kids are ready with laptops in hand for the remote start that will guide us into the hybrid model to carry kids through the school year.

Meanwhile, I had errands in town this weekend and spotted the tree at Gatchell already turned and with more than half of its canopy gone while this one at Seaside Park was also a dull orange with lots of dropped leaves. I’m sure the lack of rain has stressed the trees and led to signs of early foliage. That likely means a not so great year for capturing some of our more picturesque trees but…what else is new with 2020 having featured so many hurdles so far.

Here is a shot of that same maple tree from October 4, 2014 when more normal weather allowed for beautiful scenes such as this of Autumn in Marblehead.